DIY boho christmas ornaments

Friday, December 2, 2016

As I was putting up my Christmas tree this year I felt like it needed some type of black ornament to balance out all of the silver and gold.  The tree was leaning a little more boho this year with the addition of some wooden bead garland, so I ran with it and pulled together these easy tassel ornaments.


  • black yarn
  • 1" round wood beads (I used these from Hobby Lobby)
  • 3/4" round wood beads (I used these from Hobby Lobby)
  • scissors
  • thin piece of wire

STEP  ONE:  Loosely wrap the yarn around the base of your fingers 25 times.

STEP TWO:  Gently pull the yarn off your hand and run a 12" long piece of yard through the top loops and knot in place.

STEP THREE:  Cut the bottom loops.

STEP FOUR:  Tie a 6" piece of yarn near the top of the tassel and knot in place.  Cut any excess yarn from the knot and even out the bottom of the tassel.

STEP FIVE:  String the wooden beads onto the top of the tassel.  Make it easier by using a thin piece of wire to thread the yarn through the beads.

STEP SIX:  Knot the top of the strings to use for hanging the ornament.



  1. Thank you so much, Cassie! They are my favorite ornament on the tree this year :)


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