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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Samuel turned four this weekend.  FOUR!!!  I have to remind myself he's not a baby anymore.  This year it was all about space.  I'll link to sources at the end.

Sam loves the moon and stars (he has glow stars on his ceiling and a large moon poster over his bedso when I mentioned a space party he was all over it.  We used these super cute online invitations from Paperless Post.

Guests were welcomed with a spin off of Neil Armstrong's famous words. 

We hosted the party earlier in the day so we didn't have to mess with a bunch of food.  Just cake and cookies!  Decor was simple.  Just a birthday banner with hanging balloons.  The star balloons had pieces of doorway fringe taped to them.  I use the same piece of striped fabric for every single birthday party.  It just goes with everything!

The cake turned out fun with plastic planets hot glued to skewers and a surprise pattern inside the cake.  As tasty as cake always is, my favorite part were the sugar cookies that were made to look like planets.  I got the idea here, but used this sugar cookie recipe.  TIP:  Roll them into balls and then press them flat with the bottom of a glass over parchment paper before baking.

For a party game, I created alien faces on silver and green balloons with black cardstock and a Sharpie.  These balloons were cracking me up!

We placed them all over the backyard and let the kids "zap" the aliens with silly string.  It was SUCH a windy day.  The aliens and silly string were a flying!

Big kids got in on it too ;)

Sam wanted a piñata so I made one out of an old paper lantern, party streamers, and cardboard (for the ring).  It only cost me $3, which was spent on party streamers.  

The piñata was filled with Milky Way candy bars, finger flashlight "lasers", bouncy ball "planets", and of course, confetti!

Guests also took home goodie bags filled with foam rockets, planet cookies, and a set of DIY constellation cards.

The constellation cards are pretty cool.  You shine a flashlight at them and the constellation appears on your wall or ceiling.  I'll be sharing a tutorial and download for these soon so check back!

We had a great time celebrating this little guy of ours!  He's such a fun thing.  He hugs so hard.  He squeals and tells me, "I'm so happy you're home, I missed you so much!!!" when I've just ran to the grocery store for 10 minutes.  If he must change out of his pajamas he hates wearing anything other than shorts and t-shirts.  While wearing his pajamas he pulls his left arm in through his sleeve next to his chest and tucks his right foot into his pajama pant leg.  He loves "man trucks" and points out every single one he sees.  He hates puppy kisses.  He loves kissing girls.  And I love him so much I could burst.    

Happy Birthday Sam!!!



  1. you throw the best parties! i love this- so unique and fun, shelley!

    1. Thank you! He got to celebrate his birthday at preschool today. He thinks his birthday is still going on :D

  2. What an adorable, creative party!

    1. Thank you so much! We had a lot of fun with it :)

  3. What an adorable, creative party!


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