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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our living room rug bit the dust.  It actually needed to be replaced about 6 months ago, but I just kept ignoring the problem.  Like it's going to go away or something.  When the hole reached 1'x2' I knew I had to do something.

Pretty bad, huh?  I think a couple of things lead to it.  We went a long time before putting a real rug bad underneath and all the slipping and pulling tore the fibers up over time.  I also regularly vacuumed the rug with the bristles spinning (should have had them off) which almost always yanked some of the longer loose pieces up.  It was a full blown mess.  I was sad too because I loved the look of this rug.  But, off to the trash it had to go.  Here she is once last time.

I toyed with the idea of doing something completely different in here, but I just love the look of jute rugs too much to move on.  I ended up replacing it with this Safavieh jute rug from Plush Rugs.   

You guys.  I was initially so upset about having to get rid of my last rug.  It was the same feeling I have whenever I'm saying goodbye to an old car at a dealership.  I'm staring at it all sad faced, thinking about all the fun I've had in the car and all the memories.  Feeling guilty for letting it go.  Then the car salesmen pulls up with your freshly detailed new car and it's all, "Peace out, hooptie!"  I don't even look back.

The rug I purchased was in stock and arrived a few short days after ordering.  My husband's first comment was, "Wow!  It looks so nice and clean!"  It's pretty much the perfect neutral jute rug.  The price is amazing and it goes with just about anything.  There are gray, tan, and brown tones.  You can dress this puppy up or down.  Added bonus: the nubby texture feels like a massage on your feet.   

A couple of things about jute rugs:

  • Do they smell?  They have a wet grass smell when you first unroll them, but that goes away in about 2-3 days.
  • Do they shed?  If you sit down in dark clothing yes, you will have little fibers left on your clothes.  We don't lay on the floor in here so it doesn't bother us.
  • Are they soft?  Jute rugs are much softer than sisal rugs, but they aren't what you would call soft and fluffy.  But, having said that, we actually love the nubby feel on our bare feet.  It's like a little massage.
  • Do they hide mess and dirt?  Yes!  The kids are always dropping food crumbs (even when they know not to eat in here), and unless it's full up cracker laying on the ground, you wouldn't be able to tell.  The color variations in the rug also help hide dirt from dog paws and shoes.  
  • Do you need a rug pad?  If you're rug is going down on a hard surface like wood or tile then absolutely.  If your rug has the same weave on the front and back (it doesn't have a fabric backing) you'll want to get a nicer felt and rubber pad to keep it in place.  You can check out my post on that here.
I couldn't be more thrilled with my new rug!  Look ma, no holes!!!

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Disclosure:  I did receive a discount in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. See more of my disclosure information here.


  1. i am glad you stuck with a neutral natural because i think it's just so you and warms the space up!

  2. We had that same rug and loved it - so cushy underneath as opposed to our seagrass rugs (which I also love but no so much for walking on barefoot. Love how the natural fiber rugs look in your living room with the dark floors, gorgeous!!!


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