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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I've got some links for you guys to check out today that I think you'll enjoy.


I meant to share this one with you guys sooner!  Kelly at Kelly Elko was so kind to include me in her Eclectic Home Tours.  You can check out the post she did on my home here.

While you are there, make sure you check out the other Eclectic Home Tours, as well as her Fall Home Tour and her Fall House Video Tour which gives you so much more than decorating tips just for fall.  So many fun ideas here!


I cannot get enough of The Windsong Project that Studio McGee recently added completely.  It's just beautiful.  I love how they included the before and after photos.


I have another great portfolio for you guys to check out.  My childhood friend, Mel Bean, and her design partner, Bailey Austin, founded Austin Bean Design Studio in Tulsa, OK and are just killing it.  Check out their portfolio and then make sure you follow their Instagram for the latest.  I can't wait to see how some of the projects they are sharing on Instagram turn out!


I love a little creepy when it comes to Halloween decorating, and Julie Blanner did it up right with hers.  Check out her skeleton table.  I never thought I would say that a life size skeleton on a dining room table would be gorgeous, but when Julie gets her hands on one, it definitely is!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  If you're like me, mine is definitely a Monday in disguise.


  1. ooooh i love that last one from julie! and of course kelly's feather art!

    1. I want a skeleton so badly now. And, I've got to recreate that feather art somewhere!


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