halloween porch decorations

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I had so much fun putting together this year's Halloween porch decorations!  I knew I wanted it to be fun and kid friendly.  Both Izzy and Sam have given it their stamp of approval so I think we have a winner!

My old striped back patio curtains were pulled out of storage and hung up.  They're so fun up here!  To keep them tied back, I used some rope tied around the pillars.  

The trick-or-treat banner is a DIY that I found in a BHG magazine.  Rain or humidity don't stand a chance!  The black pennant is cut from black non-adhesive shelf liner, white letters from white adhesive shelf liner, and the orange fringe is made out of orange plastic flagging tape.  All found at my local home improvement store.

The paper lanterns are just plain awesome.  I found mine at the Paper Lantern Store.  They're cheap and make a big impact.

All in all, the cat door hanging is still my favorite.  Click here to see my full tutorial.

SOURCES:  DIY cat door hanging (click here for tutorial) . DIY banner . paper lanterns . hanging bats from Target - no longer available (similar here) . striped curtains (similar here) . door mat


What type of Halloween porch decorators are you?  Scary or festive?  I love both!!!  I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!



  1. oh my goodness i love this! the curtains are so perfect! i want to come trick or treat at your house!

    1. I should let you know that I bought the cheap candy this year. In years past, I get the good chocolate stuff and eat it up before the trick-or-treaters even arrive. My pants told me that's a no go this year.

  2. The curtains are such a fun holiday addition, and the paper lanterns!!!! Gotta love living in Texas where you can have all this cute stuff outside in October! Your kiddos must be loving it!!

    1. It was only 85 degrees out (unfortunately that's considered cool) and I was still baking in the sun putting this up. Like, I had to go inside, drink a lot of water, and regroup halfway through :D

  3. So fun! Love the striped curtains and your diy cat is the cutest!!


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