our first house - 2005

Monday, June 13, 2016

The other day I was going through photos and came across some from our first home eleven years ago.  We were newly married, Mike was still in the Air Force, and we had just PCS'd from Wichita, KS to Sumter, SC.  We bought a small duplex and were beyond excited about owning our first home.  This was long, long, long before I started a blog (or even knew what one was) and I had taken photos solely for the purpose of sending them to my parents so they could see our home.  And as you will be able to see for yourself, this was also long before decorating was something I was interested in.  But, I thought it would be fun (fun for you, a little embarrassing for me, ha!) to see how things change over the course of several years.  Proof that style can sometimes be SEVERAL years in the making :D

Our 1st House - Sumter, SC 2005

Newly married and the awkward blending of furniture begins.  Mike gave me such a hard time because not even two days after moving in I decided I couldn't live with white walls.  I absolutely had to paint all the walls this pale green color.  He still teases me about that to this day.  I also think it's funny to see that I documented my first ever "gallery wall".  Maybe some things don't ever change!

This is the original color of Mike's grandparent's dining set.  Orange.  We were already in the process of refinishing it here.  This was our first project together.  We used this set until last year when we purchased a new table.  I still use the chairs, which are now painted grey, and the base of the hutch, which is now covered with a skirt.

Here is the set refinished and the chairs with the slipcovers I made.  I was so proud of those slips and couldn't believe they actually turned out so well.  We had also changed out the chandelier which I forgot about.

Well I thought I had painted the whole place the same green color, but looks like I went baby blue in the master.  I was so happy about that white duvet on the bed.  It was a wedding gift and it replaced a nasty royal blue bedspread Mike had that I couldn't wait to be rid of!  I loved those euro shams.  I had made them out of a quilt to match the one at the end of the bed.

Notice the music stand and case?  I was still playing the flute regularly back then.  I should get that out again.  I don't think Sam has ever heard me play and I'm sure Izzy doesn't remember me playing for her as a baby.  Those windows.  I don't think we ever put up curtains.

Looking at this photo of our master bath I can still smell that candle over the toilet.  Our duplex neighbor smoked non-stop in her house and the smell came through so strong in our bedroom and bathroom.  You had to have a candle lit at all times to try and block out the cigarette smell.

So that's our first house!  Crazy huh?  We were hear about a year until Mike got out of the military and we moved to Tulsa, OK.  I'll share that house with you next.  

When it came to your first place were you style challenged or were you already on your way to having it figured out?  I was obviously challenged :D


  1. this is soooo fun!!! your first house was better than mine! i cringe at some of my choices!

    1. I wish I had pictures of my tiny condo I bought before Mike and I met. I think it was 2002/2003. It was the first time I could change the color of the walls and went crazy. My bedroom was light purple, bath was turquoise, dining room was a sponge technique of two dark greens, and the rest of the place was the same sponge look but weird beiges. It was a hot mess, but I loooooooved it :D

  2. Shelley how fun is this post!!! How funny is it that you couldn't wait to paint over the white walls......I did the same thing!.....and now we are all heading back in the direction of whites! What a sweet place to call your first home together! I am very impressed by your DIY skills (slipcovers for all those chairs!) even back then!

    1. I think the paint thing was is a reaction to renting and being forced to live with white walls. "I will live with white walls no more!!!" :D You should have seen the paint in the condo I owned before Mike and I met. I went crazy with paint colors.

  3. Shelley,

    This is sooo fun (at least for us:)) to see your old houses and how your style has evolved. I'm sure if I brought mine out they would make me shudder! I don't even think yours is that bad. Though why did we all think we had to paint every room a different color?!!

    Thanks for sharing this:))


    1. I just look back wondering, "What in the world was I thinking?!" I'm going to blame shows like Trading Spaces for making us want to paint every room a different color :D

  4. It is nice to look at old pictures and reminisce. This duplex looks nice for your first place. My wife and I are currently looking for our first place. I’m hoping we can find something that is a nice size and in a great neighborhood. I really liked the kitchen in your picture, it was spacious a nicely designed.

    Kendrick @ RPM Long Beach


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