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Monday, January 18, 2016

I guess the fancy term is powder room, but we just call it the hall bathroom.  I've not purposely been holding this bathroom from you guys, it's just hard to photograph due to it's tiny size.  I posted a photo of it on my Instagram over the holidays and afterwards I figured I might as well try to get some pics taken.  Most of them were taken with my head squished up against a wall :D

Here's what you see when you first walk in.  The sink is to the right of the door.  Through the archway is the toilet nook.  

One of only a couple of changes we made to this bathroom since moving in was switching out the builder's grade flush mount for this hexagon pendant from World Market.  I wish I had a before for ya, but trust me, that alone made a big difference.

I have an old ladder leaning against the wall for magazine storage.  It's nice and slim so it doesn't take up any space on the floor and helps fill up the wall.  And yes, the only magazine subscription I have is to BH&G :D

Above the toilet are some bird prints I found while at Round Top last year.  I love those little guys.  The frames are both from Target.

Ok, back to the sink.  Since we have a pedestal sink in here, storage is limited.  Actually, isn't happening at all.  But for a powder room all you really need to store is toilet paper.  I'm using a large basket I found at Homegoods to store it in plain sight for guests.  No one wants to have a TP crises while visiting someone else's home, amiright!

The light fixture over the sink is builder grade, the same ones that are in all the bathrooms.  You can find it at Home Depot for an awesome price (I'll include it in the link list at the end).  The builder's grade, plain flat mirror was swapped out for this pivot mirror we found at a Pottery Barn Outlet.  I repurposed the old mirror to make Izzy's inlay mirror.

That's it!  Pretty simple in there.  But, I don't think you need too much to make a powder room great.  My must have's for a good powder room:

  • pretty hand towel
  • hand soap with a nice scent 
  • fresh flowers (or even easier - yard clippings) to give it some life
  • extra TP in plain sight for guests
  • a candle can go along way too (you know what I mean), but I don't worry about not having one in here since it's the bath the kids use on the regular.  No need for a fire!

SOURCES: mirror // hexagon pendant - discontinued (similar here) // vanity light // faucet // hand towel (similar here) // basket - Homegoods (similar here) // ladder - flea market (similar here) // bird prints (Round Top) // frames 



  1. looks awesome- the light fixture is fab and i love the dipped basket!

    1. Thank you, Cassie! That basket is my favorite right now :)

  2. I want a powder room to call my own, especially one as fresh, clean & classy as this! The updates you made have a huge impact, love them, S. If we were neighbors, I know who to turn to in a TP crisis!!

    1. I couldn't help but snort laugh when you said fresh and clean :D This was the bathroom of choice during Sam's potty training. It was all but marked off with caution tape up until a couple of months ago. Thank God for bleach.

  3. Hi, I love this! Do you know what color the paint is?

  4. You have a beautiful home. Love the colors!! Would you mind sharing information about your powder room pedestal? Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! I've search high and low for info on the pedestal sink and can't figure out who it's made by. Sorry :(

  5. I absolutely love your sink! Where did you find it?

    1. I am sorry Terry, but I can't find a brand name or any info on this sink. It was through our home builder. I tried looking through Lowes and Home Depot's sites as well and came up empty handed :(


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