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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This weekend I finished the Ikea RAST nightstands for Sam's room.

I never had an exact vision for them when I brought them into his room.  I had stained them gray a while back and there they sat for a long time.  The stain was jacked up too.  One was MUCH darker than the other.  Note to Self: Don't stain them on different days with one day being in the hot sun :/

After sanding down the dark one and putting a paint pen to good use, here's what they look like today!

How To Do It:

STEP ONE:  Stain entire piece Minwax Classic Gray and let dry.   

STEP TWO:  Using a level as my straight edge and as the width between lines, I penciled in where my painted lines would go.

STEP THREE:  Use the level as your straight edge, and go over your penciled lines with a white paint pen.

STEP FOUR:  Add some knobs and you're done!

You may have noticed I also have his Jenny Lind bed finished and completely put together!!!  Woohoo!  I'll share how we created slats for it and the paint color in another post.

SOURCES: DIY moon art // sconces // duvet and toss pillow - Homegoods // gray blanket // sheets // rug - purchased overseas // nightstand stain // nightstand knobs


I'll leave you with Mr. Crazy Pants who thought it was great fun to run in and grab his cars one by one while Mommy took photos :)  


  1. these are SO awesome!!!!! love the look in the space- his room is AWESOME.

  2. Subtle and classic. Love this project.

  3. Sam has such a beautiful bedroom and your idea with renovating the nightstands is brilliant. I love the why there are now fitting in the room. That giraffe is soooo cute. :D Thanks for sharing your tricks with us.
    Since I find you so interested in interior design, I would like to invite you to explore our rug world here: (it is our new video about our social impact). You’ll quickly find that a felt ball carpet is quite unlike anything else: . What do you think about them?

  4. These two graphic nightstands are brilliant. It is worth an appreciation.


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