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Thursday, October 15, 2015

As much as I want to buy those gorgeous pumpkins at the grocery store, I reel myself back in.  It's still in the mid 90's here in Houston.  Those puppies have been outside literally baking in the hot sun all day every day.  I feel like they would be rotten in a matter of days.  I decided to let the faux ones have their day in the sun (hardy, har, har!!!) and used those on the mantle this year.

I made the masks last year for our porch pumpkins when I didn't have the energy to carve.  I'm so glad I hung on to them because they look so good on these fake white pumpkins!  I found the leafy and feathered mask patterns on Good Housekeeping.  You can print out the templates for them here.  The cat mask has pipe cleaners for the whiskers.  I cut them out of a sticky backed felt so I didn't have to mess with attaching strings to them.

The bat and witch silhouettes were left overs from several years back when I made Martha's Haunted Halloween Village for our front porch.  Sometimes it pays off to hold on to everything!

The only scary part of this Halloween mantle was when Sam got the vacuum extension hose too close to the cheese cloth that is draped off the right end.  That little guy about sucked the entire mantle into the vacuum.  I tell ya what, Dyson definitely held up to it's no loss of suction tag line!

QUESTION - For those of you that live in warmer climates, do you go ahead and buy the pumpkins when they first come out, and if so do they last?  


  1. I am the biggest fan of white pumpkins and your masks are amazing... perfect Halloween mantle...I'm inspired!

  2. oh my gosh i love this, shelley! the black and white, and the masked pumpkins... super chic!

  3. That is the cutest idea! I have only bought those tiny pumpkins so far but only for inside. In NJ, we have had some cooler nights but it is still getting into the 70's during the day. Our main problem is the deer! Whenever we leave pumpkins on our porch (carved or uncarved), the deer always seem to find them and tear into them! I usually wait until about this time of year to buy the pumpkins and I still have to remind myself to bring them in each night. Country living problems...

  4. You need to adopt Jeremy. Every year he asks me to decorate and every year I fail miserably. I think I'll just show him this and tell him to get creative on his own. Does that make me a bad mom?

  5. The masks are adorable! I was planning on buying cute pumpkins the other day at Whole Foods and all three of my boys looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I would do that because they will "get gross." O-kay! I did not expect that from kids. At least the weather's been nice in the morning! So, glad you were able to rescue the cheesecloth. Why can't my boys play with the vacuum?!


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