my fall bedding essentials

Thursday, October 22, 2015

We're finally getting some cooler temps in the evenings and early morning and I couldn't be more grateful.  With the weather starting to cooperate and the fact that we're well into October, I thought I would share my fall bedding essentials.  I don't get all crazy with winter bedding, but a few changes can make it much more cozy when your crawling into bed on cooler nights.

I love nothing more than a crisp white bed.  It feels clean and inviting.  I still have our quilt under the duvet, but when it's cooler out I like to keep our duvet pulled up in launch position since it will definitely be used.  And to keep our bed from looking too stark, I swapped out our white monogrammed euro pillows for all black and added a cozy grey blanket to the foot of the bed.  

I recently upgraded my duvet cover to the Linden white border duvet from Crane and Canopy.  I feel like I have a grown up cover now.  Ties keep the duvet in place and the zipper closure looks so much cleaner.  Here's a duvet tip of ya - We have a queen size bed but use a king size duvet.  That way when my husband wraps himself up in it (I call it cocooning) I won't get left out in the cold on my side ;D

| BEDDING ESSENTIALS: warm base . white duvet . throws . white sheets . candle |

What are your must haves for colder weather bedding?  As a kid my mom always switched out our bed sheets to flannel ones in the winter.  The memory makes me want to go grab some fun ones for the kids :)

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