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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I did some furniture rearranging a while back in Izzy's room, per her request.  She scored a desk and a massive pinboard out of the deal.  Kinda funny how it went down.

Izzy - "Mom, I really want a desk in my room.  You know, since I'm going to have A LOT of homework in first grade."

Me - "That would be cool babe, but there's no room in there for a desk."

Izzy - "I thought you would say that and I've got a plan."

Me - Giving her the "oh really, but I'm totally impressed you've got a plan" look.

Izzy - "You move my bed here, put my nightstand here, and the girly desk goes here!"

Me - "Girly desk?"

Izzy - "Yep.  The one in your closet that you said was just sitting there because you didn't know where to put it.  It matches my room."

Me - This girl never pays attention when I tell her to brush her teeth and she doesn't seem to remember when I tell her important information.  But, details on a desk sitting in my closet have been burned into her brain???  "I think you may be onto something."

Izzy - "Let's move my bed."

Next thing I knew I was moving her bed and she had a desk, just like she wanted.  I kept picturing a big 'ol pinboard above it and soon came across this idea for making one out of foam insulation board.  Super cheap and super light weight.  I made mine exactly like Candice's of Handmade Mood, just a tad smaller.   Here's how it turned out!

I covered it with painter's drop cloth (my go-to fabric of choice) and used upholstery tacks to create the border.  The larger diamond pins are also upholstery tacks, but are perfect for pining up her favorite things.  It's nailed into the wall behind the tacks at the top corners.

I've got a couple small things to finish up before her room is check off the list:

1)  She's crazy over the idea of a ghost chair so I'll probably go that direction for a desk chair.
2)  I need to remake her white drapes with the black pom poms.  These were never wide enough and something (God only knows what) was splattered across them and looks disgusting.
3)  I need to do some rearranging of other areas to tidy the space up. 

But in the meantime she can pin her heart out and pat herself on the back for pulling off a furniture arranging coup ;)


  1. so love the board but i am drooling over the entire space! i want to move into it!

  2. Dude! Samantha is the same way. She has this thing about her room and she knows what she wants. They must actually be attention to us...just not what we ask them to do. Love the curtains by the way. Nobody pays attention to stains anyways.

  3. Girlfriend knows how to win a debate! You know, you're the one to blame for giving her your decorating gene. Seriously why did you do that :-D

    I just love how this space is coming together!!! And I had to laugh because I swear, globs of food-stuff appear on fabrics/walls throughout our house & neither Quinn or the husband claim responsibility.

  4. How funny. I got a wild hair one morning last week, gutted the girls' shared room, painted the walls white, and rearranged all the furniture when I put it back together to make room for a desk and chair we got free from the curb. ;)


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