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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've been wandering Pinterest trying to come up with ideas for a Halloween wreath.  There are so many good ones!!!  I mostly like my Halloween wreath to be just slightly creepy, but I also found some fun ones for kids, some pretty darn chic wreaths, and ones that can work for fall and Halloween.  The best part is all of them can be DIY'd and most links share tutorials.

Here are my favorites in case you're needing a little inspiration too!

..........  CREEPY  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  CHIC  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  FOR THE KIDS  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  DOUBLE DUTY  ..........

| Terrain |

Which one would you pick???  I really want them all.  I creepy, chic version that won't scare the kids :D  I just picked up some stuff at the craft store yesterday.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. Wow! Love the roundup of creative Halloween wreaths! I'll have to make one of those next year for the door! This year, my own Halloween door wreath was looking a little boring- so I spruced it up with a design of my own and then liked it so much, I added a whole new collection of clever wood cut designs to my home shop specifically for adding to an existing Fall or Halloween wreath! They are really adorable, if I might say so myself! Come check them out-

  2. Wow really you have posted here such a beautiful Halloween themes.They all are looking wonderful.


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