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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You guys aren't going to get much fall decor out of me this year.  Here in Houston it's still in the 90's, we're wearing shorts, and swimming.  I see all the beautiful pumpkins in the grocery stores and I want them, but I'm having a hard time popping them in the cart when I'm still sweating outside.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year so this is a total bummer that I'm in this state of mind down here.  I want boots, sweaters, crisp fall air, and chili dagnabit!!!

Anywho... I recently came across the flower delivery company Bloom Nation and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in the fall spirit.  Flowers are always a pick-me-up so I bought myself some and did a little flower arranging.

I tell ya what, you can stick any color or style of flower into a fake pumpkin and you've got yourself fall.  It's a no brainer.  

The eucalyptus I've had for a couple of weeks now, but it dries out really nicely and lasts a long time.  The yellow Chinese Millet is dried so it's not going anywhere.  The only part of this arrangement that will need replacing is the purple stock.  There's a cup of water holding the purple stock inside, and the dried pieces are just stuck in between the cup and the pumpkin.  Easy peasy.

While I loved it on my coffee table, I knew Sam would be plucking buds off one by one until it was bald so I ended up placing it on the mantle for safe keeping.  

If you're looking for some inspiration for fall florals or just floral in general, check out Bloom Nation's Pinterest page.  I found all of the ones below there.  Love the succulents and the mini pumpkins!

Anyone else sweating their way through the start of fall and having a hard time getting in the spirit?  Sam kept bugging me to go outside so he could ride his Powerwheels Army Jeep yesterday afternoon.  I had to tell him to pack it in after 15 minutes.  It felt like my flesh was burning right off my arms.


  1. well i love it! you don't have to do much to do it beautifully! that is going to be my new mantra.

  2. So pretty and fresh! I love fall decor, but my house is mostly coastal inspired, so it's a challenge incorporating autumnal themes with all my teal and white. ;) This is SO pretty! I love me some eucalyptus.
    Will you share with us where you found the white faux pumpkin?


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