DIY picture frame moulding

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a little moulding can make!  Moulding, you just go on with your bad self ;D  The main wall in our master always looked like it was lacking something.  The urge to put a large photo or something over the bed was always there, but I'm glad I didn't do it.  I think this is all it needed.

Here's a before.

I decided on a very simple style of picture frame moulding and painted it out the exact same color as the wall.  If you're looking for a tutorial on DIY moulding, check out the one I did here for our dinning room years back, it's the exact same process (warning - I cringed when I looked back at those photos).  For the bedroom I went with 4 inch spacing all around (from the base of the crown moulding to the top of the trim, in-between the trim boxes, up from the baseboard, and from the corners of the walls).

I've still got a list of things I want to do in here:
  • Swap out the charcoal drapes for something lighter to match what I've just put up in the bathroom (more on the bathroom later).
  • Different lamps with some brass accents and black shades.
  • Bring in a new dresser for the opposite wall.  It's the main reason you never see that side of the room ;)
  • Freshen up the bed linens.
But for now I'm pretty please with having the moulding checked off the list.  And my little photo bomber is just happy the camera is back out again.  "Take wun ah me mommy!  Cheeeeeese!!!!!!"

// SOURCES // headboard . DIY banded shams . DIY skirted nightstand . wood nightstand (family piece) . curtains . bamboo shades . quilt - Target, no longer avail (similar here) . lamps (TJ Maxx)


  1. WOW! it looks AMAZING, shelley! i am in LOVE!

  2. Who knew that moulding could make such a difference?! It looks wonderful!

    Though, my favorite part of this post: "Take wun ah me mommy! Cheeeeeese!!!!!!" So. Cute.

  3. What paint color did you use for your bedroom?


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