walls republic giveaway winner + project update

Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank you to all who entered in the Walls Republic Giveaway!  The winner is...

Congratulations Bharati!!!


Memorial Day weekend was spent painting my heart out on this beast.

The wall of built-ins in Mike's office.  I'm pooped.  Real pooped.  It's a big job but totally worth the $1,800 in savings we were quoted for painting.  I finished up the shelves and cabinet doors yesterday afternoon.  This weekend I'll stain the table top that runs the length and then the fun part begins, putting all of his stuff up on the shelves.  This will actually be pretty tough.  This man has a lot of knick-knacks (is it still ok to call them knick-knacks or is there are more decorating PC term nowadays???) that are full spectrum.  Anywhere from signed college footballs to hand carved pieces he picked up while serving overseas.  It's his space so I don't want to go all perfectly styled in here.  It's about him, not me.  Must remember it's about him, not me.  About him, not me... ;D

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