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Friday, May 1, 2015

Slowly making some progress in the laundry room.  The last you saw it looked like this.

The built-ins now have complete paint and are done.  Check!  

I've now turned my attention to the side of the room that has the washer and dryer.  I decided I wanted to give them a built-in look and add a counter to the top.  The reason for a counter over the top is basically because if another sock or random item falls between the washer and dryer I'm gonna go nuts.  Fo sho.

Here's the progress on that side of the room.  I actually have the counter top on now, but don't yet have a photo. 

The bottom pieces that you see in the photo above will be painted white, the same as the other cabinets, and the top will be stained.  I'm going for a color similar to the counter in this laundry room by Studio MeGee.   Which is such a killer space!

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Oh, and my wallpaper came in today!!!

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Eeeee.... so excited!!!  Eeeee... please pray I don't mess it up!  I'm really, really skeerd.


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  1. What a lovely space it will be!
    Where did you find that awesome sink though? I've been searching everywhere for a narrow laundry sink (18" wide MAX) and I looove this one!

    1. Thank you Lindsey! Here's the link to the sink It's 20" wide.


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