living room mirrors + stariway update

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A while back I mentioned I had been on the hunt for a set of three round mirrors for the living room.  Sounds a lot easier than it was.  I thought I had found a solution here but ended up ubber disappointed and still lusting after a set of mirrors that were no longer available.  Big ol sad face.  Here's the mirrors that disappointed.  Big.  Clunky.

But.... no more sad face because I've since found some mirrors that look just like the ones I had been wanting!  It was kind of funny.  Both a friend of mine and my mom sent me links to these mirrors within just minutes of each other.  That was all I needed to get my rear in the car and fly over to snatch them up.

They're the Round Wood Mirror Set from Pier 1.

While I was looking for the link I saw they are not only on sale from $149.00 down to $119.20, but they are currently running 20% off their mirrors on top of sales prices with code ARTISTIC taking them on down to $95.36, and also free shipping with code FREESHIP75.  Right now I'm totally kicking myself for paying full price.  My luck they would have been completely sold out if I waited on a sale though.

On to the stairs.  We had the carpet ripped up so it could be replaced with wood treads.  What. A. Nightmare.

The dust was EVERYWHERE.  I swear I feel like I can taste it in my mouth again just from looking at this picture.  Bleh.

That wasn't even the worst part.  That happened when we noticed none of the treads were flush with the existing wood along the railing.  Every step was different from the next.  It looked so bad you guys.  We had to have them rip up all the treads and redo them.  But thankfully we caught it early on before they got much further.

In the end they turned out great!  I'll get some better pics taken soon.  It really lightened up that part of the house which was a pleasant surprise.  Eventually I want to add a stair runner, but for now I'm just beyond thrilled to have it completed!!!


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  1. the stairs look fabulous and i am so excited you found mirrors!

  2. You should see if you can get a price adjustment on those mirrors. "Except for seasonal merchandise, we will offer a one-time sale price adjustment, limited to 14 days from purchase date. Original or emailed receipt is required.",default,pg.html


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