laundry room + stairway progress

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I've been painting my little heart out over here the past few days.  While painting a wall has immediate gratification, painting cabinets does not.  I'm in cabinet painting hell.  But I know it will be worth it in the end, and the cost savings of me doing it myself is well worth the pain.

Here's a little update from the laundry room I quickly snapped with my phone.

I had to bring all my cabinet painting operations into the house from the garage since they showed up yesterday to start working on the stairs.  Fresh paint and saw dust don't make for the smoothest finish.  To save me some major room I ended up painting the section of doors where the hinges would be placed first so I could attach the doors back on the cabinets and paint the remainder of them in place.

Speaking of the stairs, here's what happened yesterday.  All of the carpet was torn out and they started adding in the paint grade risers.

It's a hot mess.  And keeping Sam away from the stairs resembles a wrestling match.  This kid is strong for 2 years old!

Ok, I'm out.  Off to paint some more.  Make sure to stop back by on Monday though.  I've got a little something that rhymes with schm-iveaway going on ;)

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