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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our garage mudroom wall is clicking right along!  Trim has been added along the baseboards since I took this photo I shared with you last week.
Today they are going to be installing the cabinet doors to the left of the lockers, the spot that Sam has claimed as his chair.  It's actually going to house our Berkey water filter instead of a tenacious 2 year old.
I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos I ended up sharing with our contractor when it came to drawing up the plans.  Initially I thought I wanted doors so I could close off the eye clutter.  But when I really got to thinking about it I need to be able to assess what's there with just a quick peek of my head out the garage door.  Frantically running out to open individual doors would just suck up valuable crap-I-still-haven't-made-school-lunch time.  
I chose these because I liked how they would work for our family.  Places for dirty shoes and sneakers below, individual locker spaces for each family member (which also gives me more space for hooks along the sides), cubbies above for swim and beach gear, and a bench running the entire length.
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And finally this one gave me the idea to house our water filter in a cabinet next to it.
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We're having our contractors build out the mudroom wall, but we'll be saving a great deal of cash by painting it ourselves.  I can't wait to get crack-a-lackin on it!
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