lacquer box spruce up + living area updates

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I've had this little black lacquer box hanging around for over a year.  It's good as is, but on the dark metal table I have it on, it blended right in.
All I did was drill a hole in the center and add a knob I had laying around.
Now it has just enough of a something to make it special.

So while I was looking through these photos I decided to play around with some ideas I have had floating around in my head for some empty wall spots.  Here's the photo from above that got me thinking about it.  I've been looking for something to go on either side of the floor mirror in the kitchen nook.  And have also been on the look out for a set of three round graduating mirrors for the space of wall to the right of the window, beside the gray chair in the living room.

Here's what I'm wanting to do.  Framed bird prints on either side of the floor mirror.  And some warm, chunky wood mirrors for the narrow wall in the living room.  Doesn't it look SO much better?!!  I'll wait while you scroll up and down while going "blah.  ooo!  blah.  ooo!" :) 

Since we've last talked I've also brought in these pillows I had originally made for the dining room out of Kravet's Latika in Shadow.  And in one of the photos you can see the new coffee table.  We actually ended up switching it out for a different color though.
So, now I'll be on the hunt for large bird prints that aren't stupid expensive.  Let me know if you have any ideas for places I can find them cheap!  And I'll be trying to recreate those mirrors since the darn things are no longer available from Ballard.  Poop.


  1. That lacquered box looks so nice & I love the way the bird art & the mirrors look. I'm guessing you could do the whole architectural prints using bird pictures from vintage printables. I just printed some & hung them in my family room. (Mine are just printed on regular sized paper though...) Here is a link if you are curious: Can't wait to see what you come up with! I know it will be great!

  2. Looks great! love that your color scheme is always so basic, but full of texture and intrigue.. They have both mirrors and bird prints on Wayfair:

  3. oh i love the box with the knob on it- perfection! and i love the plans you have! your home is really beautiful!

  4. I'm diggin the chairs. Where did you end up getting them from?
    Doesn't Target have mirrors like that? I have a set of five dark ones in my bedroom and love them. Mine are plastic to look like wood, though. ;)

  5. Everything looks so good!! And I'm crazy for the HL knobs...I think I need to find a spot for them in my house!! xo

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