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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We bought this Barbie Jeep for Izzy off Craigslist a few years back.  She LOVED it. 
Before we moved to TX the battery completely died and wouldn't hold a charge anymore.  We planned on getting it a new battery, but always forgot about it.  It sat unused for almost 2 years until Sam noticed it in the garage and became obsessed.  We finally got a new battery.
Safe to say Sam has claimed it as his own.  That little look on his face just cracks me up!  Izzy can still drive it, but her knees are now up to her ears when she sits in it.  My oh  my how time flies!
So, Barbie is gonna need a makeover.  The spray paint has been purchased and I'm planning on starting in on it today.  Here's what I'm thinking.
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Stay tuned, it's gonna be good.
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  1. what- you don't think he looks super cool driving that pink and blue jeep? i think it shows he is a toddler who is comfortable with his masculinity. ;)

  2. Awesome, can't wait to see it!


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