DIY outdoor coffee table | with storage

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I wanted to tell you guys about that coffee table I made for our back patio today.  

I didn't document the process of building it (honestly, I threw the thing together not knowing if it was going to work or not) so this isn't a tutorial.  But, you could easily make your own once you see how it's put together.

We definitely needed a new coffee table, but the reason I chose to build this table was because of this guy.

Here he is a few months ago (MUCH smaller then) getting caught with a bone in the chair.  Look at those puppy skin rolls!

Archer loves the cushions.  He loves to sit on them when he's covered in mud.  He loves to toss them around like chew toys.  He loves to chew his nasty bones while sitting on them, covered in mud.  They were disgusting.  I'm sure I could have stored them in the garage and lugged them out whenever we wanted to sit outside, but really, who wants to do that.

So, a coffee table that doubles as cushion storage was born.  90% of the time the cushions are stored in the table.

I built the table with a hinged top so I could store the cushions inside, out of Archer's reach, when not in use and then easily pull them out when needed.  I chose the open X pattern on the sides because I didn't want spiders or other nasties making a home inside an enclosed box.

I made the table according to the size of my cushions so they would fit perfectly inside.  For the base I used 2x2's.  Four corner pieces cut to my desired height and then eight sides (four top, four bottom) attached to the corners.  I used a pocket hole jig to attach the sides the corner pieces.

The X pieces are made up of one long 2x2 and two short 2x2's.  I didn't use any special tricks for calculating the angles, I just laid the 2x2 over the outside of the base and marked the angle from the inside with a pencil.  Since they are only decorative and don't provide any support, they are just glued and then nailed into place.  NOTE: I filled my nail holes with wood filler and then sanded it down before applying the weathered treatment.  The filler didn't take the treatment and now the filler sticks out like a sore thumb.  If I could do it over, I would have just left the nail holes unfilled.

For the top I used 1x6's evenly spaced out to fit the inside measurements of the top of the table, attached to two 1x2's with glue and screws.  The top was then attached to the base with three hinges.

I used two L brackets on the opposite side to act as stops when the top is closed.  I aligned them with the 1x2's holding the top together so it would sit perfectly flush when closed.

To give it the weathered look I brushed on a concoction of steel wool and vinegar I found out about here.  I had left it alone without any sealer for a few weeks but started to notice the wood was continuing to darken where the sun was hitting it (found that out when I moved some lanterns I had sitting on top and noticed it was lighter where they had sat).  I ended up lightly sanding it down to even out the color and applied a coat of Thompson's Water Sealer in Clear.  So far I haven't noticed any more changes in color.  The image below is the most accurate for color.

I wish I would have remembered how much we spent building this.  I want to say it came in a little under $100.  Definitely thrilled with how it turned out and it's a total win when compared to the price of my inspiration piece ;)

back patio | finished

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So... it took me FOREVER to finally get photos taken of the back patio.  But it's all done and ready to be used now that cooler temps are headed our way!

As a reminder, here's where we started.

And here we are today!

The color of the coffee table was hard to capture.  It's closer to the photo below.  I'll share with you guys how I made it next week.

It really didn't take much to make it more inviting out here.  Proof that a little love can go a long ways.

To see how the patio progressed, visit these posts:

This post sponsored by Archer, my little photobomber ;)

reloved magazine feature

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ummm.... I'm pretty freakin' stinkin' excited over here.

Do you see anything that looks familiar at the bottom of this magazine??

It's my sunburst mirror!!!  Featured in a magazine!!!  Look Ma!

Needless to say I've been on cloud 9 since this showed up at my door.  Mike and the kids are pretty much over me tooting my own horn at the house so I had to come over here and bug you all ;D

There's some great stuff in this magazine, and I'd recommend checking it out sometime.  You can find Reloved at Barnes & Noble.  I know because I went to hunt one down for my mom :)

Thank you, Reloved, for loving my sunburst mirror enough to feature it, and thank you to my awesome readers for putting up with me today!

Toot! Tooooot!!!

easy halloween decorating

Friday, October 17, 2014

Last week Izzy asked me why we haven't put out Halloween decorations yet.  I told her it was because it's still 90 degrees outside and Mommy has a hard time getting in the fall decorating mood when she's still sweating.  She wasn't having that.  So, I drug out some decor but kept it on the simple side.  Like done in 30 minutes simple side.

I kept the striped candle sticks and swapped out some greenery in a vase for a pile of fake and real pumpkins topped with a crow.  I also added a banner I picked up from Target on clearance a few weeks back just because it was $2.  I mean come on??  $2??  This is the reverse side.  I used chalk to write the Halloween.

I feel a bit like Portland (put a bird on it) when it comes to Halloween decorating, but it is SO easy and always works.  You can see in the reflection of the mirror more crows perched on my tall mirror in the kitchen.  Which means the kitchen was decorated for Halloween in 2 seconds.  Done!

Stuck a big one on the secretary.  Poor guy lost some feather over the years.

One wall in the dining room got covered in some bats I cut out of construction paper a few years back.  So cheap but way cool.  Izzy loves these things.

And... another crow.

Actually, I take that back.  Izzy's favorite decorations are the little mouse silhouettes from Martha Stewart.  They've been around a while and everyone uses them, but I just love these little things.  A few years ago Izzy would go up the stairs at night to head to bed and say goodnight to each mouse and shout out "mouse house!!!" when she would see the openings :D  Sam keeps playing with the tail of the one on the wood floors.  It will probably last one more day before it's a tailless rat.

Now that I've taken myself down memory lane a bit with Izzy I have to show you my most favorite decor ever this year.

She busted these out while I was taping up the bats.  I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!  The witch is my fav :)

I do love decorating for Halloween but it's so hard when it's still so hot out!  I need sweater weather STAT.

slipcovered nightstands

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I want a new dresser and nightstands in our master bedroom so bad.  SO BAD.  The dresser holds my husbands t-shirts and socks.  Every time I put laundry away in there I have to very carefully and very slowly open the drawers so they don't fall out and land on my feet.  It's not a really well made piece to begin with and it has gone through 7 major moves.  I keep telling my husband, "babe, it's time".  

A little background - He has a VERY strong attachment to this bedroom set from his bachelor days.  It was purchased for him by his mom who has since passed and he doesn't want to let it go.  It was a miracle of all miracles I got him on board getting a new headboard a couple of years ago (even after having the old sleigh bed literally fall apart on us in our sleep, it was still hard for him to let it go.... to the guest room).  The drawers on the nightstands have the same problem as the dresser.  We don't keep anything in them so it hasn't been a functional problem.  I'm just over them.

So, since the dresser has major function issues there just might be a chance that gets replaced some time in the future.  Pray for me.  As far as the nightstands go, instead of pulling them completely out from under him I came up with a sneaky solution.  Slipcovers baby!

I still haven't found my SD card to my camera and I STILL haven't gone out to buy a new one.  So for today, you're going to have to make due with some iPhone pictures I took of my "new" nightstand to show my mom :)

Underneath is the oldie.  I made it exactly like I made the one for our old entry table.  I even used the same painter's dropcloth since I already had it on hand.  The only thing I did extra was add the little tabs and buttons to the sides.  The whole thing cost me $0.00.  Zip, zero, zilch.  Ba-bam!

Since the fabric is stapled to a piece of plywood instead of the nightstand itself, there is zero damage AND I was able to beef up the size a little more.

Husband is happy he still has his furniture and it didn't cost him a penny.  I'm happy I no longer have to look at it.

you are pretty

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yesterday I had grand plans to show you the final pictures of the back patio and also how I made the outdoor coffee table.  I even went to the store and bought croissants so I could have a pretty little somethin' somethin' on the table.  I had all the cushions pulled out, pillows placed, blah, blah, blah...  Went to grab the camera and realized there was no card inside.  No biggie, don't panic, it's probably in the office.  It's not in the office, it's NO WHERE.  PANIC.  PANIC!!!

I've got photos of the kids still on there that have not made it to the computer to be saved yet!  Ugh.... I'm sick over it.  I've searched all over the house.  It's no where to be found.  I could really cry.  I'm just so mad at myself for misplacing it!!!  Anywho, all of that to say I don't have any photos for you today :(

But, what I do have is pretty great.

Plum Pretty Sugar is supporting breast cancer awareness this month.

Purchase and Plum Pretty Sugar items in Pink Love Poppy over $50 and receive a free "Hello Pretty" tote.  15% of purchase will also be donated to Susan G. Komen.

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Looks like the perfect time to pick up that robe I've been wanting!


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