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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I had really wanted to have our house decorated for Christmas before we left for Thanksgiving break, but with Sam's birthday party the week before I just didn't get it done.  Now that we're back I feel like I'm already behind the ball.  We pulled into our housing addition late Saturday night to lights up on people's houses and Christmas trees shining through windows.  

Yesterday I drug a few things out of the attic and made a mess while trying to start in on things.  Wish there would have been a way to capture the glitter bomb that went off when I started pulling garland out of that blue bag.  I'm going with the excuse that it has to get worse before it gets better.  The tree still hasn't been pulled out of storage and without the tree I'm having a hard time getting in the decorating mood.  Don't mind the iPhone pics, my camera is dead ;)

Garland was hung on the railing, but I'm short almost 4 lengths if I want to cover all the railing.  Double poop!!!  Fingers crossed they'll still have the same stuff on sale next year.  BTW, why is garland so stinking expensive???  It's not too bad when it's 50% off and you only need like one or two lengths, but after that I feel like it can get ca-razay.  Maybe I'm just cheap.

Messed around with the mantle, but I'm not at all sold on it.  Christmas mantels are so hard for me.  I'd rather shove bamboo shoots under my nails.

The only Christmas decor in the house I'm completely delighted by are Izzy's decorations she made for the dining room.  This girl of mine makes me smile!  I saw her coloring and cutting out the Christmas tree, but I had no idea about the other characters or what she was doing with them!  She did the same thing for Halloween.

Anywho.  I'm just having a heck of a time turning all of my inspiration photos into reality this year.  Are you guys already done decorating?  Who am I kidding, you're probably already done Christmas shopping too!  Next year is my year.  I can feel it!  Next year I'll be on top of everything.  Just don't bet on it ;)


  1. slow and steady wins the race, right? :) it will be worth it!

  2. You are off to a great start - and I love Izzy's contribution! I am slow as well. Usually I pull everything out at once but this year I am slowly bringing a bin at a time out the basement. And I have only bought 2 presents so far...

  3. No, no to bamboo shoots I say! I have been slow too, hard time feeling it. buh humbug.

  4. It takes me soooo damn long to decorate inside. Why!?!? I started the Monday before Thanksgiving. The kids and I finally decorated the tree last night. I still have bins sitting around to go back up to the attic. But I think I FINALLY got everything done today. And yes, I'm sorta done shopping. Sorry. :)

  5. I have made it as far as getting my Christmas tree stand from the attic to take to get my tree, but oh my, I feel so behind…

  6. I know how you feel sister. You've got the right attitude. Just let Izzy take care of things this year - she's got skills. :)


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