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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I wasn't planning on putting Christmas decorations up in Izzy's room this year, but it just kind of happened.  Whenever we're in a craft store she asks me for this huge bag of bright colored pompoms.  After coming across these images I finally said yes.

Welcome to Izzy's room!  All junk piles have been moved out of eyesight.  You're welcome ;)

The JOY letters were what got me started with the pompoms.  I had SOOOO many left over that I decided to make some strands of garland for her.

And what good is pompom garland if it isn't hanging from antlers!  I was worried Izzy would be weirded out by the antlers, but the fact that they were covered the colorful fuzzies seemed to make up for it.  #mommykilledrudolf

The mason jar snow globe on her nightstand is my favorite thing ever right now.  It was a simple DIY using some bottle brush trees that I bleached and hot glued to the lid.  I then filled the jar with a little bit of Epsom salt and some tiny battery operated lights.  I screwed the lid back on with the remaining length of cord and battery pack on the outside of the jar (it's hiding behind the Merry + Bright art I made a few years back).  Flipped the jar upside down and it's magic time!  You should see this puppy at night.

Another stand of garland was draped over her window.  And it's impossible to see in the above photo because of the light, but a tiny silver tray with ornaments sits in her window sill.  

Before I show you the lone picture of Sam's room I have to just say that the Second Child Syndrome is real.  His poor room hasn't had any love since we moved in, his curtains are still two feet too short, and all he got for Christmas decorations was a little set up on the table next to his rocker.  Sorry kiddo.  I'll make it up to you next year buddy :)

At least it's pretty darn cute!  I've been having an excited fit over all the toy cars with trees I've been seeing lately.  This car is one of Mike's from when he was a kid.  Love that.

Do you guys decorate your kids' rooms for the holidays?  I'd love to get them each their own table top trees next year and have them pick out an ornament for them each year.  We shall see if I ever get around to it.

You can visit the rest of our home decorated for Christmas by clicking here.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a very Happy New Years!


  1. LOVE! did you know emmy and i are going to redo her room yet again.... and we are going black, white, gold, and pink! i need to show her izzy's room!

  2. Izzy's room is magical. Magical, I say!! Just the perfect blend of neutral, color, pizazz, & holiday cheer. I'm feeling like such a bah humbug since our holiday decor's simple but next year we are totes doing a mini tree in Q's room!

  3. Gorgeous! I love all the pompoms, they are so fun! The bottle brush trees are adorable! xo

  4. Too cute. I'm totally obsessed with bottle brush trees. And I definitely need to find some of those battery powered lights. We have mini trees in the kids' rooms. I think I get more excited about them than they do, though.

  5. That snow globe is awesome! Evie would go nuts over that thing. Great job!


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