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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I want a new dresser and nightstands in our master bedroom so bad.  SO BAD.  The dresser holds my husbands t-shirts and socks.  Every time I put laundry away in there I have to very carefully and very slowly open the drawers so they don't fall out and land on my feet.  It's not a really well made piece to begin with and it has gone through 7 major moves.  I keep telling my husband, "babe, it's time".  

A little background - He has a VERY strong attachment to this bedroom set from his bachelor days.  It was purchased for him by his mom who has since passed and he doesn't want to let it go.  It was a miracle of all miracles I got him on board getting a new headboard a couple of years ago (even after having the old sleigh bed literally fall apart on us in our sleep, it was still hard for him to let it go.... to the guest room).  The drawers on the nightstands have the same problem as the dresser.  We don't keep anything in them so it hasn't been a functional problem.  I'm just over them.

So, since the dresser has major function issues there just might be a chance that gets replaced some time in the future.  Pray for me.  As far as the nightstands go, instead of pulling them completely out from under him I came up with a sneaky solution.  Slipcovers baby!

I still haven't found my SD card to my camera and I STILL haven't gone out to buy a new one.  So for today, you're going to have to make due with some iPhone pictures I took of my "new" nightstand to show my mom :)

Underneath is the oldie.  I made it exactly like I made the one for our old entry table.  I even used the same painter's dropcloth since I already had it on hand.  The only thing I did extra was add the little tabs and buttons to the sides.  The whole thing cost me $0.00.  Zip, zero, zilch.  Ba-bam!

Since the fabric is stapled to a piece of plywood instead of the nightstand itself, there is zero damage AND I was able to beef up the size a little more.

Husband is happy he still has his furniture and it didn't cost him a penny.  I'm happy I no longer have to look at it.


  1. This looks so dang good. I have two end tables that my grandfather built back in the 50's? that have been through so many apartments and cans of spray paint in my family. The top is cracked on one now and I'm so over that. They would look amazing with slipcovers. Don't you want to make me some if I send you dimensions? Pretty Please? Or can you just fly out here for a weekend and teach me to sew :)

  2. I love your headboard....where did you purchase it from?

    1. I found it on Joss & Main. I see it pop up on their site from time to time.

  3. that was a genius solution! they look fabulous and so much more like YOU. because you look like a slipcover. ;) you know what i mean.

  4. Could you paint the dresser maybe? You might like it more. Also, you might be able to retrofit proper drawer sliders with stops on them so they won't fall out. Just a thought if hubby is so attached. :)

  5. Bahaha. I think it's a perfect solution to an imperfect situation. ;)

  6. Love the solution to your problem. I was actually thinking of doing something similar.


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