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Thursday, October 23, 2014

So... it took me FOREVER to finally get photos taken of the back patio.  But it's all done and ready to be used now that cooler temps are headed our way!

As a reminder, here's where we started.

And here we are today!

The color of the coffee table was hard to capture.  It's closer to the photo below.  I'll share with you guys how I made it next week.

It really didn't take much to make it more inviting out here.  Proof that a little love can go a long ways.

To see how the patio progressed, visit these posts:

This post sponsored by Archer, my little photobomber ;)


  1. Love how it turned out. We have the same loveseat and chairs and love them.

  2. this is GLORIOUS! and croissants are also glorious! and archer looks like he is a good match for catcher. the only thing i don't like about the patio is that it's not attached to the house next to mine.

  3. Croissants! Archer! And your patio setup is dreamy. It's got that Town & Country vibe. I could see ourselves lounging there after a horseback ride thru the countryside. Meet you back at the Estate.


  4. Holy wow, Shelley, you did an amazing job with all those DIYs, so professional!! What a fabulous space you created, so stylish, my friend!

  5. Whoop Whoop!! It looks smashing my friend. I see my spot all ready for me. Fall weather and an outdoor fire, ahh. Very nice. :)

  6. Oh my gosh what a great patio! I'm so jealous!
    And I love Archer!

  7. Your patio looks amazing. I love absolutely everything about it. From the furniture and curtains right down to the rug. I think you should be featured in the next issue of House Beautiful magazine because your space is just that nice... :)

  8. It seriously looks amazing - like I'm ready to move right in!! Where do you find the time?! I've lived in my house for 2 years now and both my upstairs and downstairs patio are embarrassing...
    Archer is adorable too! :-)

  9. I love the pillows/curtains/mirror. Looks so inviting, especially with those croissants which are totally calling my name.

  10. Bahaha, LOVE the doggie pics. It turned out so good. I want one of those croissants. :)


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