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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I didn't intend to, but I am dubbing this week Pillow Week!  Today I'm sharing the tutorial for how I made my ribbon trimmed outdoor pillows for the back patio, and later this week I've got another fun pillow project to share.

Ok, so here are the pillows I created for out on the back patio.

Do we likey??  They were super simple to create and were even no sew.  BOOM!

How to make your own:

STEP ONE: Lay your pillow out flat and cur your ribbon pieces to length.  I cut mine to the edge of the pillow before the flange started.  Then slightly melt the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to keep the ribbon from fraying.

STEP TWO:  Cut your iron-on tape the same length as your ribbon and iron on to the back of your ribbon according to the tape's directions.  Use a ruler as a guide to place your ribbon and then iron it into place according to the tape's directions.

STEP THREE: Continue the same steps for each length of tape.  

All done!

Are you about sick and tired of patio posts yet?  I am! 

To see progress on the back patio check out these past posts:


  1. oh i love that! the pattern you created is awesome!

  2. I've made that pillow and it is still one of my favorites. Love the black and white combo you used!


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