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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Making some progress on the back patio!  If you missed the before, check out the post here.  

The furniture has a new arrangement.  SO much prettier this way and much more functional since the back of the couch isn't blocking everything.

Then of course there's the addition of my new table that I built!  I was planning on showing you guys some details on how I put it together, but I still have some finishing work to do.  Needs some sanding to even out the finish (I left some lanterns on the top and my guess is it wasn't completely dry).  Whoops!  And I need to apply something to protect it from the elements.

I added a mirror over the fireplace.  This was another DIY I'll share later.  Super easy and when compared to my inspiration mirror, saved me $600.  Yeppers, 600 smackers.

I picked up some large galvanized planters at Ikea and stuck some Kimberly ferns in each one to flank the fireplace.  At $40 a piece it was the best price I could find for tall planters.  Why do those things have to be so expensive???

Here are the changes so far.

Left To Do:
  • rearrange furniture
  • build coffee table
  • mirror above fireplace
  • potted ferns
  • outdoor curtains
  • pillows & accessories

And yes, I totally made a list of things left to do and included things I have already done just for the satisfaction of marking them off ;D


  1. oooh yes! i love that set up much more! i am ready to come hang out on cool nights.

  2. The new layout is so welcoming. I just want to sit down and enjoy that lovely fireplace!

  3. By now I shouldn't be floored by your design prowess but I still am. Utterly impressed that you DIY'd that table & that mirror! I've been looking for affordable tall planters (oxymoron), sooo going to Ikea for these. Or maybe I'll just curl up here with my wine spritzer instead. Because OUR sad patio setup looks like it's waiting to be be picked up on garbage day ;-)

  4. It's coming along so good!!! Now you need flower beds around the whole perimeter. :)

  5. This looks amazing - love the furniture and the rug just pulls it all together!

  6. Ahhh it looks so good!!! My patios look crazy right now from such a hot summer and me not wanting anything to do with being outside, but you've inspired me. I actually really love the look of the ikea planters - might be stealing that...and I need the DIY for the mirror because I'm DEFINITELY stealing that!!


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