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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Changing things up in the entry again.  I just can't seem to leave it alone!

Here's how it looked when you last saw it.

Since then I've moved that mirror all over the house.  Somehow it just never felt right here, but I'll get to it's new home in a bit.  

Once the mirror was gone I simply added more gold hooks.  I also softened up the bench by adding a sheepskin and some pillows.

Since I have a mirror above the buffet a little further in the hallway, I don't miss having one above the bench.

Ok, back to that inlay mirror.  It went to my bedroom for a bit before landing on the table by the stairway when I made the skirt.

...it found a new home in the niche outside our master bedroom.  I've never know exactly what to do with niches.  They seem so weird to me.

And yes, I did move that snake plant over from the entry just for this picture ;) While it doesn't bother me in real life to have a bare spot in that corner, it looked so strange in a photo.

For right now I'm feeling pretty confident this will be the mirror's forever home.  We shall see!

Which version of the entry bench do you like best?  The mirror and hooks or just the hooks?

SOURCES  // diy bench // diy inlay mirror // hooks (covered in gold Rub n' Buff) // rug and basket - HomeGoods // sheepskin // diy pillows //


  1. it all looks great- i love the pillows and sheepskin on the bench and the mirror is perfect in that nook!

  2. I agree with Cassie! Everything looks wonderful!

  3. Mirror was made for that niche! I agree- they're weird and hard to decorate without looking too contrived. Love the bench with the pillows and hooks.

  4. I like the mirror in the niche a lot. Oh what I'd give for an entryway.

  5. I love where you put the mirror...its a perfect place for it!

  6. Great! I love this picture:) please, could you open a secret what's the wall colour number? Is this Pittsburgh Paints product? Thanks!


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