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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A month ago I started in on a gallery wall in the dining room.  Well... I'm finally done!!!  And it turned out pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself! 

It took me about forever to confiscate gather enough flowers and leaves, and then wait for them to dry out, but the wait was worth it.

Here's how this side of the dining room looked before when I had the large buffet over there.

It wasn't bad, but I definitely like having the buffet in the entry better.

I'll be back this week to show you how I did it!

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  1. WOW!!!!!!! it's amazing! did you bleach them, too? they look really white?

  2. it's beautiful! and i'm glad to see others keep their piano in their dining room like me! :)

  3. It is seriously stunning!!! You must be so happy with it - look forward to the how-to!

  4. LURVE. Anxious to get the deets!


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