DIY striped candle

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today I wanted to show you guys a super easy way to spruce up your candles.

All you need is a candle and some washi tape!

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Easy schmeasy, right?

I do want to point out one thing - DON'T BURN THESE.  Pretty sure that once the flame touches the tape you'll have more than a relaxing glow on your hands.  I use these just for decor purposes and leave the burning to my regular untouched candles.

I've got two hanging out on the living room mantle...

and one on the dresser in our master.

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I think they're super fun, and when I decide I'm over them I can just pull off the tape!  I swear, is there anything that's safe from washi tape?

You can check out my other washi tape fix here :)


  1. LOVE! I have a pair of striped taper candles from Hatton Home that I love and now I refuse to use non-striped tapers! ha! I have seriously got to get some washi tape.

  2. You are a smart cookie!! I love them on your edited mantel, so fresh and perfect for summer!

  3. I think you posted a pic of this on Instagram? Anyway, I ran off, grabbed my washi tape and striped a few candles around here too. They look awesome!


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