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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You guys already know I love a good DIY. 

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When the two lovely founders at BRIKA, Kena and Jen, sent me the DIY bracelet kit created by C'est Joli I was immediately smitten.  You got the satisfaction of making something beautiful yourself without having to buy all of the pieces separately and in larger than needed quantities.  As Goldilocks would say, "It was just right!".

   I had such a great time whipping these up with Izzy.  She was so excited with how they turned out.  So much so she keeps sneaking them out of my jewelry drawer and onto her wrists.  Which, is perfectly fine since they look adorable on her!

 | Neon DIY Bracelet Kit 1 - c/o BRIKA | 

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You could make one for yourself and give the other to a buddy since you get two!  I think these would be great for a jewelry making girl's night in.  Or, maybe a fun craft for a birthday party?

I'm digging the bright neon colors too.  It's an easy way to wear the trend without blowing peoples eyes out.  Have you been sporting neon this summer?  Or, does it make you shudder and think of your closet from the 80's?


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  1. those are adorable and would make a great modern take on the bff necklace! i will have to remember this when emmy's friends have parties!

  2. They're super cute. The Girl would be jackin' both of them from me.

  3. Love these! I want to get some for myself.


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