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Thursday, June 26, 2014

*UPDATE* Treat (owned by Shutterfly) has closed it's doors :(  But, the good news is you can find similar products on Shutterfly!  Links to Treat will now redirect you to Shutterfly. 

One of Izzy's best buddies from our home town just had a birthday, and since we couldn't be there to help her celebrate we wanted to send her a gift.  I was just introduced to a new personalized card company called Treat (same folks that brought us Shutterfly and Tinyprints), and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out!

Here's the gift we sent along with her personalized birthday card.  Her momma and I have an understanding that when it comes to gifts we have more than enough toys laying around unused.  Wearable is always best.  When I saw this little dress I knew it was a winner - soft, comfy, and incredibly cute.  The elastic flower headband was a fun addition.

| SOURCES: dress . headband (Target - in stores) . card c/o Treat |

So, the verdict on the card and Treat?  Insanely awesome.  I'm addicted.  Here's why I'm digging it so much:
  • personalized - You can add in your own photos and messages.
  • delivery options - Send hard cards or e-cards.
  • convenient -  Create online and treat will address and mail the card for you for the cost of a stamp!
  • schedule ahead - You can create a card now and have it sent on the date of your choice.
  • reminder service -  No more belated cards!
  • THE BEST PART - You guys, these cards cost the same if not less than the ones you pick up at the store!  And they're so much more awesome!!!  These are keepers, and I'd go out on a limb to say these will be the only cards men will actually read :D

 I even created cards for Father's Day this year for the grandpas.  They were the biggest hit!

One sent through the mail for my father-in-law

 | Sparking Life: Grandpa |

and one emailed to my dad.

| Near My Heart: Grandpa |

Pretty awesome, right?!


  1. Love these cards! What a great idea. Going to check them out.

  2. oh these are adorable! love how you created yours- the feet one is my fave!

  3. These are awesome!!! Thanks for posting about it. Will definitely try it out.

  4. Shelley, thanks for the tip. The cards are adorable. I must try this. Although I dare say, your cards are extra cute because of your extra cute kiddos.

  5. I love that you call him Papa Moo Moo. I worked with a guy who had a Papa Donut. So good. We have a Papa NoNo,.

  6. And, I want to eat Sammy Sam up! SO presh.


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