zoo bugs and pillows

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yesterday I met a friend at the zoo and let our kids run around together. 

Izzy was ECSTATIC the entire way there and was beaming when she walked in and saw a rhino statue.  She immediately demanded a photo.  Let's not discuss the horn.
You wouldn't notice it, but there's a little photo bomber in the picture.  No not Sam.  This guy.
I didn't notice him until I took another and saw something running toward Izzy's head.
Blech.  It was some nasty looking roachy thing!  Izzy about impaled herself trying to get off the rhino.  And that freaking thing hoped off the rhino and started following us!!!  Think the little roach pet in the movie Wall-E, but not cute.
Anyways, after surviving the roach encounter and a long day at the zoo, I stretched my worn out kiddos a bit further and ran into Tuesday Mornings so I could grab some down pillow inserts.  I had bought some fabric for new couch pillows the day before and wanted to get cracking on them.  Five minutes and two meltdowns later I had my inserts and was on my way home.
The couch needs some change, and I've only got part of it figured out yet.  I'll get you guys some pictures once I get the other pillows made.  It's already looking muuuch better.
ALSO, check back here tomorrow because I've got a guest post I'm doing over at a fabulous blog.  It's fun, you'll want to check it out ;)


  1. Yep, suspicious looking horn! Does your Tuesday Morning sell down inserts? I've never seen them there. Can't wait to see the new pillows.

  2. can't wait to see the pillow! and izzy is so stinkin cute so i am really glad the rhino didn't impale her.

  3. Buwahaha, the rhino. Hilarious.


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