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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thank you all for your supportive comments on my PADD!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering ;)
The tv gallery wall got some work this weekend while my mom was in town visiting.  I'm always so productive when she's here.  The TV finally got mounted.  It took three of us half of a day to get it hung and working again - no joke.  No wonder we put it off for so long.  Once that was over with I started in on placing some frames. 
I need to play around with the spacing, paint a frame black, choose art (the only ones staying are the botanical watercolors), and decide whether or not I'm going to put the antlers up in the bare spot. 
I have no clue what to do about art.  I'm thinking some feathers are going to get framed in the large black frame, but other than that I'm at a loss.  It always overwhelms me and I never know where to start.
Do you guys have some go to places for art?  Do tell!  


  1. Feathers look amazing framed. I have a bunch of mini peacock feathers framed in our office room. I love to get Madebygirl prints! Spoonflower is good to check out for pretty wallpaper and fabrics to frame! I just got a huge floral piece I plan to make some DIY wall art with! Love your gallery wall! Oh and moms are soo helpful lol!

  2. I think that gold leaf circle art you created for your last house would be great on this wall….a little modern and metallic! Your watercolors are so pretty!

  3. Etsy is definitely my go to for matter your style, you can find something there! I've also found lots of good prints and paintings in antique/thrift shops. I can't wait to see!! :)

  4. I'm always impressed with mounted tv's because I know I'm just not capable of it lol. We found tall bookcases and lined them up so that it's high up and I can avoid mounting it! It looks great already!

  5. We'll if ya want floral, I know an Etsy shop that sells photographs for cheap. Wink, wink. They'd look cool black and white, too. I could talk to the owner about cuttin' ya a deal. ;0)
    Fabric or paper is always fun for a filler. It's lookin' really good already. You're farther along than I am on my bathroom one. :0)

  6. I always get a ton done with my mom around too. I wonder why that is? :) The wall is off to a great start!

  7. Honestly I think it just takes time and the "right" day. You know the kind of day where everything just works out. I need to work on my own wall and it's just overwhelming. I can't seem to get it going. And my favorite places for art are Etsy or craft fairs. Maybe even decorate a couple super pretty frames and change them out with your kids work.


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