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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A few days ago I had been like a week overdue on moping the wood floor on the main level.  Between Sam dropping his food on the floor at the kitchen table, to Archer running in with wet paws, and just plain living, it was well past nasty.  I went to pull out my trusty Shark mop to get cracking on it.  Filled her up, plugged her in, and got through about a 6'x6' area before the steam stopped.  For good.  Crrrrrap!!!!
I went to searching the web for tips on getting it to work again.  I tried them all.  No dice.  Apparently Sharks regularly have problems like this that can't be fixed.  After banging it around in frustration I decided I don't need no fancy steam mop.  I've got a perfectly good regular mop!  An hour later (and what felt like the back of an 86 year old) I decided I do in fact need a fancy steam mop.

This morning old girl was sent to "the farm".
The neighbors across the street already think I'm a complete freak (another story for another time) so instead of using my big camera, I tried to act all nonchalant and used my iPhone down next to my leg for this pic :D
I'm now on the hunt for a steam mop.  I want to know what you guys have and love, and even what you have and hate. 


  1. Bummer!! I'd love to know too...we have a Roomba and LOVE it, but I need a steam mop for the "deep cleaning" days.

  2. I would love for you to share what you do end up getting for the wood floors. We are getting all wood floors in our newly constructed home- in about a month, so I too will be looking for an ideal wood floor vacuum and mop!

  3. My neighbors think I'm a freak too! Lol. I don't have any recommendations for you, but I think Dream Book Design did a very good post on what she uses and loves. You might check it out.

  4. The same thing happened to my Shark after less than a year. I had long ago thrown the box and receipt away, but I called Shark and they sent me a brand new one. I had to pay around $20 for shipping and snip off the plug to send them as proof I couldn't use the old one anymore. This new one has been going strong for over a year.

  5. What a bummer! Wish I had something for you but I do mine the old back breaking way lol. I'd love to hear the other neighbor story ;)

  6. i die because i totally do the nonchalant thing, too... ha ha! but sorry about the shark. :(

  7. I had a giant Hoover. I abused it and it lasted about 5 years. I miss it dearly...and so does my back. Been living in filth since.

  8. Um, I've never used a steam mop. Am I outta the loop? I just have the old-fashioned kind. :0(

  9. My husband broke my steam mop killing a spider..True story and I am still waiting for it to be replaced Lol!

  10. Hi, my comment is not really related to this post, but I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I can't believe how much you manage to get done (and write about it) while raising two kids. Amazing and totally inspiring!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You completely made my day :) I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. I have a Haan that i love, but it also just gave up the ghost.


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