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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I finally got the last of our kitchen hardware installed.  It definitely looks a lot more finished in here now.
Here it is before the hardware. I told you that crap pile was always lingering around on my counter.
And with the hardware.
Ba-bam!!!  Doesn't it make such a big difference?!  Scroll back up, I'll wait.
We splurged on the RH Aubrey pulls in polished nickel for the white cabinet drawers (4 inch pulls on the two stacked drawers and 6 inch pulls on the others) ...
and the RH Gilmore pulls in polished nickel (6 inch) for the kitchen island drawers.

I waited on buying knobs because I knew I could find a cheaper alternative.  We saved by going with these knobs I found on Amazon for the doors (and dummy drawer below the gas top).  The finish perfectly matches the RH pulls, and were almost half the price of their coordinating knobs.

| SOURCES: drawer knobs . cabinet pulls . island pulls . Silestone Lyra countertop |

I am one happy camper!  No more flipping back my finger nails trying to open the drawers!  Bleh... just thinking about it again gives me shivers.
Oh, and one thing to note if you are thinking about ordering RH Aubrey or Gilmore pulls - The screws that come with the pulls had horrible reviews.  Many complained that all the screws broke apart during installation or became loose after use.  I did have one screw head twist all the way off when I applied too much pressure.  This was even with a hand screwdriver.  I was careful with remaining and didn't have any more problems.  I could see how you'd have a major problem though if you were using an electric drill - I wouldn't use one for these.  I also haven't had problems with the pulls loosening with use - the pulls have been on for almost four months now.
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  If you don't have hardware on your cabinets yet, do it!  If you're renting and can't make any holes in the cabinets I've got you covered, check out this post.


  1. Cheers to your excellent choice. They are the cherry on top of that fabulous kitchen!

  2. Beautiful!! Your kitchen makes me drool. Absolute perfection.

  3. LOVE every bit of your kitchen right down to that new hardware! Beautiful!! P.S. I always have a stack on my counter matter how hard I try to get rid of it.

  4. LOVE this! I dream of having a white kitchen someday! XO

  5. It's the jewelry of the kitchen and it looks amazing!

  6. Do you just lay on the floor in there and drool?

  7. It's so pretty Shelley. I love it.

  8. Popping over from hi sugarplum to oohh and aahh over your kitchen - it's beautiful!!

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