new dining room table and switcheroos

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I got a new dining room table last week!  This is 10 years in the making people.  Kinda still in shock.
But before you look at the photo, I feel the need to explain it first.  This was a phone pic I randomly took to send to my husband so he could see it.  I didn't get around to taking photos of it yesterday for the blog, but wanted to show you anyways.  I have a white pillow sham pinned to the seat of the cream slipcovered chair so I could see what new floor length slips might look like (that's how my brain works).
Here's the full table.
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I love her.  She's so pretty.  But as most things do - one thing leads to another. 
Instead of just popping it into the dining room and calling it good, an avalanche started.  I knew I was going to need to make new slipcovers for the chairs, but I wasn't expecting it to look so crowded in there!  So, I decided to move the buffet out and place it in front of the stairway just to see how it would look.  I likey.  And pay no attention to the bench area by the door, that mirror was a place holder, and it's entirely different now.  It too fell victim to the dining room avalanche!
Now I've got a big 'ol plain wall in the dining room I need to think about.  Right now I'm not planning on leaving the skirted sideboard here.  I'm toying around with a large DIY art project in my head.
Instead of the new table finishing the room off, it tossed everything up in the air.  I think it's a good thing though.  Even if it is more work.
Has that happened to you guys before?  You bring in one new item and suddenly everything is getting moved and switched up! 


  1. oh i love me some change! can't wait to see what you do- the new table is shwanky!

  2. I love the buffet in the entry- very classy looking!

  3. LOVE the dining room transformation! The table is so cute and I love the light fixture too! It reminds me of the decor in the restaurant, Sur (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)! :)

  4. Love the new table, and I actually like the buffet near the stairs better than in the dining. Can't wait to see what fun art you use with it. I have a big wall like yours in my dining area too, and it's constantly evolving because I never 100% love anything I do with it. Share your inspiration with me!! ;-)

  5. Ohhh so pretty! What a bummer that it didn't immediately finish off the room, but knowing you, you will come up with something brilliant soon! Can't wait to see how the room turns out.

  6. ALWAYS! As the saying goes, one thing leads to another. I just got a new "old" dining table and my chairs don't off I went to find new chairs. :)

  7. Oh yeah! It is the snowball effect for sure and I get it all the time. You've got one great snowball started my friend. :)

  8. I'm almost hesitant to enter a new room in my house out of fear of the snowball effect! So far the kitchen, livingroom, dining room, and office have been through it, and my entertainment room is currently under construction, so yes, I absolutely relate to your situation. Love the table btw!


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