master bath peek + new rugs

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Since moving in, I've not done anything to our master bathroom.  It needs some primping.  The other day I found a couple of cute Dash and Albert rugs that helped dress up the floors by our vanities.
My side
 His side

I've got a few things on my to-do list in here:
1) We didn't upgrade our mirrors in here (or anywhere) and I'm planning on DIYing a surround.  I'm thinking something like this and this.
2) I've got to come up with cabinet hardware, but I've not put any thought into that yet.
3) I've got my eyes on using this accent table as a stool in place of what I currently have.
4) Window treatments.  What to do about those.... still not sure.  I've got a privacy film up on the window above the tub, and there are no houses that can see in from the window by Mike's vanity so I'm not in a rush.  Maybe bamboo blinds like the rest of the house.  I'd love some fabric on the tub window.
5) Remove the towel rod above the tub and add art instead.
Not major things here, but I think it will really help warm things up.  In the meantime, I'll be loving on these cute little rugs!


  1. You are off to a great start as that bathroom is beautiful.

  2. The rugs are so pretty. And my oh my- what beautiful lines in that bathroom. Good bones!!

  3. black and white are such classics and i love your bathroom

  4. Such a gorgeous bathroom! Loving those rugs and your plans for the mirrors.

  5. I love the arched doorway. It's looking so pretty.

  6. That black vanity is stunning! And I'm loving the archways. It's nice to see arches in a new build - very classic! I have quite the to-do list in my bathroom as well (it was also a new build.) I'm hoping to add character with a bit of artwork and a window treatment. Looking forward to seeing where this room takes you.

    Karen | a house full of sunshine

  7. Love those rugs! What a beautiful, airy space.

  8. These rugs are fabulous! Are they the navy or the denim?

  9. Also, what size did you go with?

    1. They are a charcoal gray in a 2x3. They come in a load of other colors :)

  10. Stop it!! Your bathroom is AMAZING!!! I need rugs for our bathroom too - I've been debating on buying a big rug for the space or separate bath mats. Love the ones you found!


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