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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's a late post today.  A stomach bug hit Izzy and Sam yesterday.  Awesome.  Just awesome.
Today we're talking about the TV wall in our living room.  It's a good thing I took this picture before Vomit-geddon hit.  The couch slipcover and rug got it the worst.  The couch is good to go though - thank God for slipcovers!  Just not sure about the rug yet :(
Anywho, this wall needs some attention.  The TV will be hung (there is already a tube in place so that the cords will all be hidden in the wall), we've just not gotten to it.

The ceiling is really high, so it needs something with a little more umph.
I'm really digging these images of gallery walls surrounding a TV.
| via |
| via |
| via |
So... here's what I'm thinking it could look like with a gallery wall tossed in.  Oh, and if I moved my fig over there too :)
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I have several antlers waiting for something to be done with them out in the garage.  This may or may not be the solution.  Just a thought.
So, what do we think?  Yes?  No?


  1. yes! check out desert domicile- caitlin just did this and it looks awesome!

  2. Yes!! Go for it! I think your layout looks fab... a gallery wall captures my heart each & every time! Good luck :) btw...just found your blog today... am loving getting caught up on your great posts so far... ~ Rachael

  3. Yes! It looks great! Hope the kiddos get better soon. :-(

  4. I love me some gallery wall. I really like when the TV is incorporated like that. I have tons of pictures pinned, too. Those antlers totally freak me out, though. What the heck, they're so little!
    That SUCKS that both kids are sick. The creepin' crud has been goin' through our school and I'm PRAYING it doesn't hit our house.

  5. I love this idea and I think your wall would be perfect for it. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  6. You probably already said this somewhere, but what wall color do you have in your living room. I've never been happy with the color we have - it has too much of a blue undertone that drives me crazy.


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