we're expecting!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We're expecting!!!
Not a human baby (although I did totally have a dream about that the other night and it fer-reaked me out) but we will be bringing home a puppy this Saturday!  We miss the sound of pup paws on the floor (click-click, click-click) and all the love that comes with them.  We decided it was time.  And guys, he's CUTE.
 Meet Archer!  These are some pictures from the breeder.  Would ya look at all of the tiny rolls on his front leg!  Eeee!!!!  I can hardly handle it!

Here he is with his brothers and sisters.  He's the spunky one with the brown collar and both paws in the food.  I love that!
He's a German Shorthair Pointer, like Ruffino.  And I think Ruff would approve.  Archer will be so loved.  I can't wait to get my hands on those floppy ears and snuggle him in :)  Now, what I can wait on is the puppy training.  Lord, give me strength.
In other news - I accomplished some stuff around the house last week while my mom was here visiting that I'll show you guys here in a couple of days.  And... since it has been oh only 4 months (second child always gets screwed) since Sam's 1st birthday party happened and I'm already behind on sharing Izzy's 5th birthday party, I'm declaring next week as Birthday Week here on the blog!  So be sure to check back for that!


  1. SO excited for all of you!! Archer is ADORABLE!!

  2. Oh how sweet! That little tail- I could chomp on it!

  3. My family raised german shorthairs my entire childhood! They are really great dogs! Your new pup is way way cute :-). Yay!

  4. how cute :) I remember when my two were puppies! Now they just dig holes in my yard...

    Have fun!

  5. He is just precious! I know he will be a handful....but so worth it!

  6. Yay! So excited for you Shelley. He is ADORABLE! Can't wait to see more of him.

  7. He's presh. The kids are going to have a ball.

  8. Aww he's so cute!! Love when other people get puppies...but I definitely do not want one of my own. Ha! Puppy training is the worst.


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