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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Made some progress on the entry yesterday!  I have the mirror hung and hooks on the wall.  Nothing ubber pretty going on here, but hey, progress is progress.
I found the hooks at Hobby Lobby - 50% off.  They were silver and I slapped a little Rub n' Buff on them.
I loved your thoughts about adding a bench.  I've been on a bench hunt like a mad person ever since.  Tell me if you guys have ever done this - I remember seeing a bench at TJMaxx that would have been perfect, like a month ago.  So at that very moment I started hauling it, trying to get both kids dressed and out of the house, then driving with a purpose in hopes that it was still there and I just might beat anyone to it first.  I even walked into TJMaxx behind a woman that I thought looked like the kind of gal that would be interested in a such a bench and kept saying to myself, "She better not go back to the furniture area!  Go look at the shoes, woman!".  Nuts.  I am completely nuts.  Of course the bench wasn't there.  Big surprise.  So the hunt continues.  I'm even thinking I might make one.  We shall see! 
But seriously, have you guys ever wanted to shove someone out of your way so you could get to the goods first.  Or have you done the - I'm going to act all casual as I walk over to an item that is so awesome it's blowing my mind that I'm actually screaming with excitement in my head, but I'm afraid to draw attention to said fabulous item so I'm going to act like it's no big deal - move?
Yeah... I do it a lot ;)


  1. love it so far and i think the gold warms it up nicely!

  2. I may or may not wanted to shove several old ladies out of my way from time to time. :) Why do they always walk right in front of my at estate sales?!

  3. I have been away from blogging/reading blogs lately, so I'm just now catching up on your posts, and WOW, Shelley, your new house is so beautiful!!! Really, I LOVE it all - the living room, entry, kitchen. It's gorgeous. The front door is stunning!! Also, on a sidenote, I'm always blown away of how quickly you get things unpacked and decorated. You've decorated your rental and new house within the time I've been in ours, and it's nowhere near as put together. You are soo good at this!! :) The curtains and the bamboo shades really do add so much texture and really warm up the place. I need to figure out our curtain situation and I think that will go really far! Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. It looks amazing! And gosh I love that mirror. I got the stencil kit but I'll be honest... I want someone else to do it and then I get to stare at it. Or I will come take it out of y0ur home muhahahahha

    -evil side glance-

  5. Oh it looks so good. Clean, simple and just perfect!

  6. Love all the progress!! A bench would look perfect. Home goods always

  7. Sorry, iPhone malfunction. Homegoods always has great bench options.


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