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Friday, March 14, 2014

I was going to post this yesterday morning, but the night before I was feeling crummy and opted to eat ice cream and Oreos.  You know, for my throat ;)  But seriously, I did make it feel better!
Anywho... this is what the dining room looks like as of today.  I took advantage of my mom being in town last week and had her help me place photos, hand curtains, etc.  Should have taken befores, but it was just an empty room.
The charcoal curtains are Ikea's Rivita (two 118" panels for $35.00).  I needed something fast since I was tossing them up right before Izzy's birthday party.  For that price I couldn't pass it up.  They're kinda growing on me.  I think they might stay.
The black and white art found a home on the buffet.  You can read more about how I made the art here.

We brought the Z-Gallerie chandelier from our Kansas with us.  It's up and looking awesome!

Found some super pretty white vases at Lam Bespoke here in Houston.  I could have eaten the store up.  Everything was insanely gorgeous.
This side of the room is looking so bare right now.  Need to come up with something more interesting over there.  And a rug would go a long way in here to help ground the table and chairs.  But, I also want to get a different dining room table.  It has seen MUCH better days, and while it could be refinished again, it is very wobbly and I think we're just over it.  I'll end up keeping the chairs and either make new slipcovers or recover the seat depending on the table we find.  In the same breath, I feel like I should find a way to make the table work.  It was his grandmothers. 

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That's where we are! 
I was in Homegoods today and saw a pretty, nubby jute rug (sort of similar to the one in our living room) that I should have brought home with me.  I want to say it was an 8x10 for $200.  I had to walk away from it since Sam Jam was having a major melt down.  Poor guy has been sick with a mega sinus/eye/ear infection for the past few days.  Waiting for mom to get a rug bought just wasn't going to happen :(
Back to the table.  Do I try to make the table work (different finish) or do I just start over with a new table?


  1. you move fast- it looks AMAZING! love the black and white, love the art above the buffet!

  2. Love how it's looking! I'd say keep the table but have it fixed because it looks super nice in there.

  3. If the rug you saw was an 8x10 Martha Stewart jute rug for $299 then I bought the same one yesterday!! You should have bought it, it's super soft and looks beautiful! ;-)

  4. Its looking beautiful and I love how much light you get in there. I like the table if it can be fixed.


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