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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I wanted to group together some of the decorating tips I used when we were renting this last year.  When renting a house, there is usually not much you are allowed to do, or if you're not going to be there long term, not much you want to do to change its appearance.  Making it "you" can sometimes be tough.  While it's technically someone else's house, it's your home and you should love it while you're there.
All of these projects were completely temporary and were easy to remove without damage once we were ready to move on.  Click on the titles to be linked to more info on each project.

There you have it!  Some quick and easy changes anyone can do to make your rental feel more like you.
I will say, the one major thing I learned while renting this time was to go ahead and decorate.  Put up your photos.  Drag out your knick knacks.  I knew we were only going to be there under a year before I was going to have to box it all up, but it made it so much more comfortable and enjoyable while we were there.  We didn't decorate at all the first time we rented (other than the Izzy's room since we brought her home from the hospital there), and I can honestly say we dreaded being in that house.  It was a depressing place to be.  A few photos and bits of us would have made a huge difference in how we felt while living there.  Go ahead and do it! 
Do you guys have any favorite tips for decorating when renting?  Let me know!


  1. wow- you really did a great job of making it your own without damaging anything!

  2. I love those ideas. My favorite is the cabinet knobs.

  3. Such a smart cookie you are. :) Hope the new digs are comin' together somewhat stress free!

  4. This list is a keeper. Thanks for posting this all together.

  5. These are such great tips! Super creative:)

  6. Love these tips. I was just telling my husband we should sell this money pit and rent a nice, low maintenance condo. Maybe I can put some of your tips into practice. Hope you're getting all settled in. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful home.


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