happy 5th birthday to my sweet izzy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can I sound like our mothers for a bit???  Ok, good!  Five years ago today I was in the hospital bringing this sweet little girl into the world.

She was more amazing than I could have ever imagined, and she still blows me away every. single. day.  Izzy has the best laugh, the best don't-make-a-lick-of-sense jokes, is the world's best snuggler (and still asks for them several times a day), is so incredibly expressive, perfectly stubborn, and always knows exactly the right time to tell me she loves me.  She is such a joy.  I truly am so blessed to be her mommy.  I've learned WAY more about myself having her.  Isabelle has taught me so much about life.  And right now all I want to do is go crawl into her bed and snuggle with her :)


You know how you can fall down a rabbit hole when you start going through your baby's pictures?  Yep.  That just happened to me the last two hours.  TWO hours folks.
In prepping for her birthday party this year, I asked what would make it special for her.  Her response was Grandma and bunnies to pet and love and snuggle and feed.  "Done!" I say.  Well... the Grandma part is a done deal, but can I just tell you how stinking hard it is to find bunnies to rent for a party?  I can get a ponies, every other barnyard animal that exists, a squirrel on water skis, but just rabbits???  Nope.  Ughhh.  I've literally gotta pull a rabbit out of my hat here.  If anyone knows of someone in the Houston area that rents bunnies, let me know!!! 

Well now that I'm all emotional, I'm going to sneak in her room for some snuggles.  I can't help it!
Happy Birthday baby girl!  Mommy loves you with all her heart!!!!!


  1. oh happy birthday izzy! she is so beautiful- what a great tribute!

  2. Happy birthday Izzy!! Such a cutie pie. Good luck with the bunnies :)

  3. Awwww, so sweet. I got sucked into old pictures the other day, too. I love looking back at them, but it's so sad that they're not little anymore. :(

  4. We love you Izzy! It makes me so sad too. I saw a baby in Walmart today and asked her if she would trade. She declined. Now go buy some bunnies and give the birthday girl a smooch from me.


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