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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The other day I was reading Holly Mathis' blog and came across this image of an entry in a home she had just completed.  I love the casual style.
It gave me an idea for our entry, which I've been struggling with.  The entry in this house is really long. 
There's a longer wall that continues on down the left side where the staircase is.  You're going to have to trust me that it's there.  Apparently I forgot to take a picture of that wall, and now it's too late.  I hate when that happens!  Oh well.  That's where it seems to make the most sense to put an entry table.  So, having another table by the front door would look weird to me.

If I went with the hook and basket idea I could have something like this.
What do we think?  We likey?  I think I'm digging it.
My mom is coming in late tonight to visit for a few days.  I'm going to get her to help me slap this together before Izzy's birthday party this weekend.  Which should really be the LEAST of my worries right now, seeing as how I've still not done much of anything to prep for this birthday party.  But, I am happy to report I finally have bunnies rented for the party!!!  Up top!  I very narrowly escaped letting Izzy down on that part.  That was the one thing she wanted and was the one thing I promised.  I can just picture the sad face right now.  Phew!  Glad to have that taken care of.  Now Please Lord, make sure these bunnies actually show up!


  1. I like this idea! You could even do a small bench or two little ottomans under the hooks. Way to go on the bunnies- mom of the year award! And I do the exact same thing when my mom comes to visit- put her to work! :)

  2. i love it! what about piling some crates next to it with a cushion on top for a makeshift bench? or some little bench? just a thought!

  3. Bunnies at the party?! I wanna come. :) I think your entry plans sound lovely.

  4. Love! What about instead of just the hooks doing a long white plank to attach the hooks to? Might add just a little something to the wall and probably fairly easy to do--just some paint. I like Cassie's idea with the crates. Just stain them and stack. It would be a great place to drop off shoes at the door or drop a bag.

  5. I love it. It's different and rrefreshing but still functional!

  6. Um, first world problems. That was supposed to be funny. Girl, if I had ANY entry, I'd be praisin' the Lord. That area, AGAIN, is bigger than my dining room. I kind of hate you right now. Well, not really, you have way more to clean than me. Hahahaha. Nice work on the bunnies. Mom of the year, for sure!

  7. I have kind of a non-existent entry way. After months of debate I hung the hooks behind the door. Similar to this but on a tiny scale and literally behind the door and love it! Just do it. If you don't like it there is always spackle.


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