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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've been trying to figure out what fixture would be a nice choice for the eat-in portion of our new kitchen.  I've already purchased the island pendants so I know those are a go.
I've spent way too much time going back and forth so I want to get your thoughts.
Hold on to your panties, because I'm about to hit you with photo overload!
| Bolton |

| gothic |

| hundi |

| clift |

| sawyer |

| capiz |

It must play nice with my kitchen table and chairs.
And will need to be able to get along with this guy that I brought with us for the dining room.
| eclipse |
A lot to ask, I know.  Which would you go with?


  1. Those pendants are so pretty! The glass options seem to compete the least. Did you consider anything along this line?

  2. Melanie has a great suggestion...Any of them are beautiful, but I agree the glass is 'less competition' while being a nice accent. I also LOVE the lamp she posted a link's gorgeous!

  3. the carriage or lourdes are my favorite! i like bringing in some of the dark of the island into the fixture, and i honestly don't think they compete. :)

  4. Shelley, why did you have to give us so many choices! This game is too hard. I think the focus is your island so I wouldn't want anything too crazy so that it compete with those fabulous pendant lights. I didn't really follow the rules, did I?

  5. Carriage or Piedmont are my votes. That kitchen is looking gorgeous!

  6. Clift! We have a round one and love it!

  7. Capiz!!!!!!! It has the same shape as the one for the dining room, but has the dark to it, which flows well with your table and chairs, plus, since its a sphere, it echoes the pendants which are half spheres. It is a really interesting and unique lighting fixture, and i think you'd be happy with it! Good luck!

  8. You're killin' me, Smalls.

    Okay, so my favorite light is the Clift, but it's not my favorite for the space. I'm just not sold on the lantern ones with the ones over the island. I'm gonna have to vote for the capiz.

    It's more modern than my typical taste, but I'm kinda diggin' the drum shade in the link from the comments.

    It's hard to judge something like that when there's nothing else in the space. I think your chairs are gonna pick up the dark from the island, so I don't think dark in the light is necessary. My brain was wanting something shiny like the trim in the existing ones. Like a barn light. Dunno, it's just the first thing that came to mind before looking at the choices.

    With a kitchen like that, though, any damn light is gonna look good. Ha!

  9. I say hundi or capiz. but that was a lot of options! It's so sad... I went through all of them and thought 'they all look the same to me.' I was looking at the island lights.

    where's the emoticons when ya need em?! lol

  10. I love the Capiz too!!! Your kitchen is coming along beautifully Shelley!! So fun to see it progress!

  11. Your kitchen is beautiful! What material are you using on your countertops? I am also building and overwhelmed by all of the decisions.

    1. Thank you :) It's Silestone Lyra. It gives the look of marble without the high maintenance. Good luck on your build!


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