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Monday, November 25, 2013

I think we can all agree that we love checking out One Kings Lane for their well curated sales and to find inspiration for our own homes.  Well, now there's another reason to head over and fall in love all over again.  One Kings Lane has recently launched their Home Décor Resource, a guide filled with information on the history of chairs.
Has a chair been passed down to you that you know nothing about other than it's old?  Are you in search of a particular style of chair but don't know what it's called?  Or maybe you're like me and just have no clue what people are talking about when they're referring to a bergere chair vs. a Louis XV chair.  If so, their Home Décor Resource can help you give it a name and the history behind it.
I know some of you are all, "Oh my gosh!  How does she not know what a Louis XV chair looks like!!!", but I didn't.  Until now, I had referred to my Louis XV chairs (I already feel fancier calling them by their real names) as those frenchy looking chairs.   
One currently resides in our master bedroom at my desk.

In our last house, the pair lived in our dining room.  

I love those stinking chairs.  Reupholstering them was one of my very first DIY's.  Now that I know the history behind those chairs, I'm going to dive in and see what I can find out about this guy.
Even though nothing I have is really old or original, it's still fun to find out a little about them.  Heck, no one wants to be nameless! 
What pieces do you guys have that are style/nameless?  Any "old lady" chairs out there?

gold animal birthday candle | tutorial

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In between taking care of sick kiddos, I've been busting out some more stuff for Sam's birthday party.
This gold fox birthday candle kinda has me giddy.

And seriously could not be easier.  Well, I guess you could glue the candle to the top if you wanted, then it would be SUPER easy ;)


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birthday planning

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post is short today.  Izzy is sick.  AGAIN.  They were both sick two weeks ago!  Sam finally stopped coughing and wheezing three days ago, and yesterday I caught him drinking out of her juice box.  It was a slow motion "NOOOOOO!!!!!" as I saw him put the straw up to his lips.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  Now just a matter of time before he's back down with her.  Awesome. 
Anywho, I've been pulling together some of the stuff for Sam's first birthday.  I'm thinking it's gonna turn out pretty darn cute!
I already showed you guys the invite...
And here's some of the stuff I've grabbed this week.
| stripe fabric . fox tray . wood slice . burlap from my stash |
Everything has to be pretty simple and easy since we're going to have to pack it up in the car for the 11 hour trip (more like 30 hours since we're traveling with two littles, one of which demands to make more pee stops than a pregnant woman) up to Wichita.
I also picked up some felt to make some (fingers crossed) adorable party wear for the young guests.  Once I get those put together I'll show you.  I think you'll like!
Ok, I'm off to nurse the sick.

kidecals + promo code!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I was recently contacted by the folk at Kidecals.  You may have already heard of them, they offer personalized name labels and decals.  They are dishwasher, washer, and dryer proof.  Pretty much any label you can think of, they've you covered.

| clockwise: keycals . doorbelldiy labels |
They have been nice enough to let me review some of their labels!  Since Izzy is in preschool and is required to have her name placed on literally EVERYTHING, I'm going to get some labels for her.  This way I can label her lunch box, extra clothes, jacket, backpack, etc without worrying about the label coming off or damaging the clothing (I can't stand having to permanent marker her name in clothing, it makes me crazy).
Here what I'm thinking about choosing for her:
Something pretty neat about their site is that you instantly get to see what your decals will look like.

My first impression was that the price was high ($28 for the Everyday Set) but then I realized you get a boat load of labels (78).  Considering how they are suppose to be the most durable waterproof labels on the market, it's a pretty darn good deal.
Once I get my labels in and put them through the test, I'll let you guys know what I think about them!
But, if you can't wait and you're wanting to go ahead and give them a shoot for yourself, Kidecals is going to hook you guys up with a discount!
Use promo code awesomelabels and get 15% off your Kidecals order!  And extra bonus, all orders ship free!
Be sure to visit Kidecals on Facebook to find even more ideas on how to use their labels.

west elm knock off | sculptural spheres

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here's my little West Elm knock off tutorial I've been hinting at!

I spotted these sculptural spheres in a West Elm catalog a while back and thought they were pretty darn cool.  Just not at $70 for a the pair.

 For $7.00 I created my own!
| oven bake clay . wire hangers . duct tape . snips . needle nose pliers . Rub n' Buff (not pictured) |
STEP ONE:  Snip your wire hangers to desired length and curve into a circle.  You'll need 3 circles all the same length.
STEP TWO:  Use your needle nose pliers to create hooks at the ends, and connect the circles.

STEP THREE:  Use small strips to duct tape to connect the three circles together.
STEP FOUR:  Working in small sections, attach clay all around the sphere's frame.

STEP FIVE:  Place your sculpture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake according to the clay's instructions.  Once baked, let it completely cool.  I went with a black and white photo here to help disguise how filthy my oven is.  Didn't work all that well...
STEP SIX:  Once your sculpture has completely cooled, you can start covering it with the Rub n' Buff or spray paint if you choose.
My only purchase was the clay, which I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby for $7.00.  BOOM!!!
As my husband has been saying lately, "You can't even beat that with a stick!"
This DIY finally had a happy ending, but in full and fair disclosure, it had a rocky start.  My ridiculously cheap self first tried to make my own clay.  Some things just shouldn't be DIY'd.  After wasting a lot of time, my sculpture literally fell apart in my hands after it air dried.
Good thing I decided to spring for the $7.00 clay.
Any good craft fails lately?  I'd love to hear your stories!

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samuel - 11 months

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holy cow.  It has almost been a year, folks!
He is feeling so much better now that he has his ear tubes in.  Thank God that was a much easier process than I was worried it would be.  Seriously only took them 10-15 minutes.  He is still teething up a storm, so there's some fussing that comes from that, but no more ear pain!  And, his hearing has drastically improved.  The doctor was way impressed with the change, so I'm super pleased.
Sam's new favorite sounds are clicking his tongue (constantly), flicking his tongue across his upper lip going lalalalala, and clicking the base of his tongue (which totally freaks me out because it sounds like he is choking!).
He has a new found love of hummus, chicken, naan bread, and pineapples.  Can't say I blame him.  We've just recently made the switch to cow's milk and he's digging it.  Now if I can just get him to switch over to sippy cups instead of his bottle we'd be set.  He's NOT a fan of the sippy.  If you've got a brand yours loved when you switched, let me know!!!
I'm in full on party planning mode for his 1st birthday.  We're going to be back in Wichita over Thanksgiving and will be having his party up there.  I'm soupa excited for friends and family to see this little guy.  They totally won't recognize him!
Going with a little fox theme.  I know, I know.  It's been done a million times over.  When we were at the zoo he was completely in awe of a little fox he saw, so a fox theme it was!

It's going to be simple since it's going to be out of town and I can't pack the car down with stuff, but I think it's going to turn out really cute.  I'll keep you guys posted with party projects as I get to them!
Looking Back:


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