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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not wanting to pull out all of my Christmas decorations this year, I decided to make some paper garland for the tree.  My first attempt was at making a small paper chain.  Thirty minutes into it I had like two feet and had already ran out of staples.  Scrapped it. 

Then I busted out my paper punch and came up with this instead.  Love how it reminds me of little snowballs. 

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It was incredibly simple and didn't cost me a thing!  Free is my favorite flavor.
If you want to whip up some for yourself, here is a little tutorial for you.
  • Plain white computer paper (I used 7 sheets for my 6' Christmas tree)
  • Paper punch (mine was a 1.5" circle)
  • sewing machine and thread
STEP ONE:  Punch out your paper shapes.  To make it go quicker, I punched through all 7 sheets of paper at the same time.
STEP TWO:  Run your paper punches through the sewing machine.  I set my stitch length to the longest setting to make it go even quicker.

You could even fold your circles in half and make little scallops which are super cute.
FREE - Everything used in this project was on hand.
Since it was so easy to put together, I'm not going to worry about storing it for next year and having to untangle the whole mess of thread.  If I want to do it again next year I'll just make another one!  And if not, I'm not out any money or large amount of time.
I think next year I'll try using some glitter paper.  Wouldn't that be pretty?! 


  1. so pretty! i love the whimsy of garlands like this!

  2. Love this idea. And I think it will hold up really well year by year. It will look great mixed with the glitter paper next year. :)

  3. What a great idea! Love it. I didn't put out all of our things this year either. I just wasn't feeling it.

  4. I saw these on TV today and was REALLY wishing I had a big circle hole punch. Is it too late to ask Santa for one? :)


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