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Friday, December 13, 2013

Every year I plan on doing an advent calendar, and every year I forget to do it in time.
Except this year!!!  And, I totally almost blew it anyways.
I'd like to introduce you to my 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar!  12 days because... I was too late to do the full 25, and it's a lot easier to come up with 12 things to do than 25.  Teehee!

And, if you're an advent calendar procrastinator like me, you still have time!  This was super easy to pull together last minute.
The ever brilliant Emily at Jones Design Company has free Christmas countdown tags you can download and print out.  Boom.  Done!  She has some great ideas for decorating them as well.  I took her tips and just grabbed items from around the house to decorate a few of them with.  Boxwood and Magnolia clippings, hair accessories (yes, seriously).  Just anything pretty.
On the back I have written some things to do each day to help us get in the mood and celebrate.

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We never did advent calendars when I was a kid, but Izzy is so stinking excited to count down the days until Christmas.
Was this something you guys did when you were little?  Am I like the only person who didn't do them?? 


  1. adorable and so glad you got it in time! :) 12 days is way easier than 25 anyhow!

  2. We never did them , either. So you are not alone!! They look so fun, though!

  3. Brilliant. I never did this but maybe I could make a small one this year since it seems so easy and simple :)

  4. Too stinkin' cute. We had one that hung on the wall with tiny little pockets. My mom put little pieces of candy in each one for my sister and I. I love the to-do advents, though. Bake cookies, go look at Christmas lights, etc. It sounds perfect. In theory. But you're screwin' yourself if you REALLY don't feel like baking cookies that day. Ha!

  5. Wow, so cute! I love that it's 12 days and not the full 25. Much more manageable:)


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